What is the meaning of vent out?

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To 'vent out' means that when fumes or smoke are produced, they should be vented or directed to the outside and not into an enclosed space or room where people may be.

To 'vent out' can also be used in the context of 'get it off your chest'; when something is bothering you to say so, to get it out.
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What does venting mean?

Having access to outside air. Drains need to vent to the outside or the water draining will cause a vacuum. Furnace and water heater need to vent the exhaust from the combusti

What does vente mean in italian?

"Vente" is not an Italian word. You probably mispelled it. If it is "vende", it means "She/he sells"o r "She/he's selling". If it is "vento", that is "wind". If it is "ventre"

What does vent mean?

Vent means to stickk a STickk UP ur azz holee! lol very funny ^ vent actually means to let out your feelings to a close friend or family member, eg, if someone asks you to ve

What is the suffix vent mean?

The suffix vent means to come to something or someone. Some wordsthat use this suffix include prevent, advent, and event.

What does clog the vent means?

Clog the Vent in Parrot Port on Poptropica's Skull Dugery Island means to back up the chimney at the pub. :)

What does the word vent mean?

Vent is a hole or opening allowing movements of air or other substances. Now it has also become a colloquial meaning for releasing ones frustrations verbally.