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What is the measurement of frequency of a system bus and CPU which is faster the system bus or the CPU?

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CPU operates from 166 MHz to more than 3 GHz
system can operate from 133 MHz to 400 MHz.
CPU is faster than the system bus
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What is faster CPU or system bus?

    CPU is faster then the system bus       Information is sent to and from the CPU, RAM, DIsk Controllers, Etc. on the System Bus.   It is the 'Inter-Of

What is the measurement of frequency of a system bus and a CPU?

  The frequency of activity on a motherboard is measured in megahertz (MHz), or one million cycles per second. The processor operates at a much higher frequency than other

What does a CPU bus do?

the CPU bus is the connection between the motherboard and the CPU. All data flows through different data bus.

Is the system bus or the CPU faster?

The system bus is usually inside of the CPU, but I guess it depends on the processor and the motherboard. Usually, CPU clock speeds are faster, as they are measured in GHz, wh

Is system bus is part of CPU?

No and the bus is also Called the North Bridge or if u have another 1 its called the South Bridge the easyest way to understand all the hardware in ur computer is: Processor