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What is the measurement of frequency of a system bus and CPU which is faster the system bus or the CPU?

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CPU operates from 166 MHz to more than 3 GHz
system can operate from 133 MHz to 400 MHz.
CPU is faster than the system bus
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What is CPU frequency?

CPU frequency is roughly the number of calculations executed by the processor per second. Depending on the capabilities of each processor, this number could be multiplied by t

What is the system clock in the CPU?

The system clock is a very fast and accurate electronic timer used to synchronised data transfer at a specific clock pulse. A faster system clock means that the number of inst

What is faster CPU or system bus?

    CPU is faster then the system bus       Information is sent to and from the CPU, RAM, DIsk Controllers, Etc. on the System Bus.   It is the 'Inter-Of

What are the Functions of CPU in a computer system?

The central processing unit (CPU) is in charge of or decides whatever goes on in the computer because of whatever the output devices ,input devices, hardware and RAM does the

Suppose you are writing a large software package for a data acquisition application the data is to be acquired by a memory mapped device which connects to the system bus and interrupts the CPU anytime?

  Answer   Sounds like a good solution.   Personally, I'd write it in UNIX, Linux or some other interrupt driven operating system. I'd hang a read or otherwise s