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What is the moon made of?

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The moon, our neighbor in space and the earth's only natural satellite, is basically made of rock. There is a bit more to this, but that's the bottom line.
The moon is composed of rock and soil, not unlike earth. And there are some similarities. But the nature of the rocks and soil over the moon isn't that well documented. We only have a few samples, and this limited supply of stuff to study originated in only a few areas - those where we landed to investigate. It isn't like we have samples from all over, as there were only a few missions to the lunar surface.
Samples of lunar soil have revealed that it is composed of the following:
42% oxygen
21% silicon
13% iron
8% calcium
7% aluminium
6% magnesium
3% other elements
The moon was formed by dust and rock that joined together to make a dustball. The dustball started to orbit around sun like any other planet but for some reason got sucked into earth's gravity and became our moon. Some scientists believe that the moon was created via a collision of another celestial body with the earth. As a result the moon's composition is similar to that of the earth's mantle.
The large size of our moon in relation to the planet is one reason for the hypothesis of collision. It is believed that the moon may have a very tiny solid iron core like earth inner core (but no liquid iron outer core).
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