What is the most best name for a kid?

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That is a pesonal opinion... but my fave would be Jarry
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Best kid name girl and boy?

Hmm, well WikiAnswers isn't the best for opinions, but if you want my opinion, the best kind of names are the unusual ones. Think about it, if you have a very common name, lik

What are the most popular kid names?

The most popular kid names can not be determined at this point. Maybe by the end of 2009 doctors can tell us the most used name at their hospital. There are many rare and comm

Most best girl names?

Alexis Angela Alyssa Maddy Madison Katy Alexandra Sophia Bella liliana alison addison jocelyn Megan Anika Taylia Kara Katie Amanda Marni

What are the best names to call your kids?

If your first is a her shulammite is the best. If your first is a he Peter is the best. If your secound is a her Bethel is the best. These are all the rest. sally Ja

What is the best name to name your kid?

girl called Alice. Say Alice, Oliver (sounds old but i like it) or Benjamin (also old sounding)or Ayje (pronounced like Asia without the 'uh' part.plz dont steal it)

What is the best punishment towards most kids?

a spanking or grounded i get spanked when i am bad A:2 Take away their privileges for a period of time and restrict them from doing the things that they love as a demon