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What is the most children had in a womans stomach at once?

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First, babies are not found in a woman's stomach. Babies grow in a woman's womb.

The official record for the most babies in a pregnancy was set in 1971, when an Italian woman on fertility treatments conceived 15 babies. None of the 10 girls or 5 boys survived to birth.

The record for the most babies to make it to live birth is 8. These octuplets were born in January 2009.
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What is the record for one woman having the most children?

The world record for having the most number of children officially recorded is 69 by the first of two wives of Feodor Vassilyev (1707-1782), a peasant from Shuya, 150 miles ea

Most children born at once?

The most babies born at once was in Malaysia in 1999, a woman gave birth to nine babies, but none of them survived.

What is the most children born by one woman at once?

The record for the most multiples born at once first goes to the Broderick family of Australia who welcomed five boys and four girls into their family on June 13 1971. Sadly t

What is the most children a woman has ever had?

A Russian peasant woman once had 67 children, she had lots of twins & triplets & quads and died having her 67 th child. Nadya "Octomom" Suleman gave birth to octuplets in J

What woman in the Bible had the most children and how many and where is it found in the Bible?

Relevant Answer This could have been Job's wife, who had ten children, and after they were all killed by the Lord's direction, she had ten more; making twenty in all. There