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What is the name of part time soldiers who are sometimes called upon to act as regular soldiers?

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Why did Paul Revere call the British soldiers the 'Regulars'?

Answer   Regulars is a term that refers to professional soldiers. The Americans were defending their land with volunteer soldiers or what is called "militia" and became k

What were part time colonial soldiers called?

The part time colonial soldiers were called Minute Man. They weren't technacly soldiers, but if the town or city was attacked by suprise, like their name, they were ready in a

What were confederate soldiers sometimes called?

Rebels, Johnny, Johnny reb, reb and greyback were some names given the Confederate soldiers by the Union troops.

What do you call a Soldier not part of a regular army?

A reserve .   Or an 'irregular' or a 'territorial' or a 'guerrilla' or a 'militia'. It depends on the exact status of the soldier and whether he/she is 'official' or alm