What is the name of the mythological Greek monster with 100 heads that had hideous voices that killed Zeus with a thunderbolt?

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*worried look* When you say "killed Zeus with a thunderbolt" I do hope you mean 'Zeus killed with a thunderbolt, in which case. Yes. Typhon (or Typhoeus) Hundred Heads? Either the Hydra or Hecatonchieres. A clarifying answer: 'Typhon' is the correct answer. The number of its heads is sometimes given as 100, sometimes as innumerable.
When it attacked Mt Olympus, there was a long battle, but Zeus killed the monster with a thunderbolt (sometimes said to be 100).
Of course nobody can kill a god - they are immortal!
The Hydra had 9 heads. The Hecatonchires had 50 heads and 100 arms.

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