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john Locke said that people were reasonable by birth and thomas hobbs said they were violent and disorderly. since neither is correct, we must sit on the fence with one foot on both sides and come to our own conclusion.
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How can humans protect the natural resources?

Humans can protect natural resources by recycling more and not destroying the ozone layers. As the world population increases and more and more countries become industrializ

What is human nature?

it is a interaction between culture and biology across an individuals lifetime that shapes their thoughts, personality and physique.

Are human beings naturally selfish?

ANSWER   Human beings are naturally animals, selfish is a human concept, The  technical answer to your question is yes we are naturally selfish  but, it's really about t

Why do humans destroy nature?

Because we enjoy the convenience of using it's resources. Not many people really care about future generations, just long to appear as if they do. We also live in an unfair wo

What is the nature of human resource planning in an organisation?

The nature of human resource planning in an organization is that it  plans for the workforce required for a particular task. This will  estimate the number of workers needed

What is the view for Voltaire for human nature?

In Candide? He is satirising the relentless ever-present optimism that he noticed during his time period. He belived that humans are naturally sinful and as people try to beli

What is nature and role of human behavior?

This answer you will read is plain philosophical. Human nature is generic and indistinguishable, which changes with age and time. But constant elements in human nature are gen

What is human about human nature?

It is how humans react to their surroundings. Say you put a male human in with a female human. What would the male do? He would react to her. You have added a variable to his

What is the nature of human conflict?

  This is not a question that has a definitive answer. I would recommend reading   = The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict by the Arbinger Institute.