What is the number one killer of people at the beach?

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Drowning is the number one killer of people at the beach.

Intoxication and ignorance; being unable to make good decisions or the lack of knowledge on which to base good decisions about safety. Sometimes, people swim too far out into the ocean, and it may take to much energy out of you.
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Who was the number one killer of Native Americans from Europe?

Answer Who ever answered the question below* needs to reexamine the question which is "Who..." not what... so I will attempt to answer this in as brief and accurate answer as possible: The main killers (of the U.S.) were the European stock expansionists of the Manifest Destiny era with the "have gu (MORE)

What is the number one killer of men in the United States?

Cardiovascular disease Depending on the age group. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA states that Motor Vehicle Crashes are the number on killer in the United States of America. 2009 data 33,963 deaths. Average per day for one year is 93 persons each day in the United States die in Moto (MORE)

What are the names of The Beach Boys number one hit songs?

Answer . These are the U.S. #1 singles..... "I Get Around" - 1964. "Help Me, Rhonda" - 1965. "Good Vibrations" - 1966. "Kokomo" - 1988. Answer . California Girls- Good Vibrations- Surfin Safari- Fun, Fun, Fun- Surfer Girl- Don't Worry Baby- Little Deuce Coup- Sloop John B- God only knows- (MORE)

Do killer whales eat people?

They can, yes, but it doesn't happen very often. Killer whales(orca) do not normally consider humans as their prey, and many havebeen trained by marine zoos.

The number one killer in civil war?

The number one killer in the Civil War was dysentery. This causedsevere dehydration and diarrhea and many soldiers died from boweldisorders.

What animal is the number one killer of humans?

1. The mosquito is responsible for 3 million deaths a year, and is found worldwide. It spreads Malaria, Yellow Fever, and West Nile Virus.\n. \n2. The Box Jellyfish. 5,568 humans killed each year. Shaped like a cube, this brainless "Sea Wasp" has tentacles several feet long. The sting sends a (MORE)

Why do people kill killer whales?

People feel threatened by orcas, because they are the top of the marine food chain and we're the top of the land food chain, they feel that they have to show superiority over orcas. needless to say that is ridiculous. They are also hunted to make, sushi. Can you imagine someone shooting a harpoon in (MORE)

Why did the Zodiac Killer kill people?

since the zodiac killer's identity is unknown, we might never learn the reasons that moved him to do such things. He had to suffer some mental illness clinically speaking. But if he is dead he did not leave a bragging note confessin after death so everyone knew who fooled the police until the end (MORE)

Is smoking the number one killer in US?

No. The number 1 cause is heart disease. However, that is an effect of smoking, furthermore, smoking also causes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leading causes of death, which are cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease, respectively. Smoking can not be called a cause of death by itself; it sim (MORE)

Who is the number one serial killer?

There is no way to answer this question. All serial murders/lust murderers are evil in their own merit. Your question depends on the idea of quality or quantity. There are many serial killers that rack up high in body count, but there are also some that commit very depraved acts on a small amount of (MORE)

What was The Beach Boys first number one single in the US?

I Get Around was The Beach Boys' first number-one hit song in the United States. The single also charted at number seven in the United Kingdom, which was the band's first top ten single there. The song's first album release was on All Summer Long in 1964.

Is drunk driving the number one killer in the US?

Not by a long shot, if you're talking about causes of death in general. Search on the CDC website (http://www.cdc.gov/) for statistics on cause of death and their rankings. Generally speaking, the number one killer in the US is heart disease, followed by cancer and then "unintentional injury" of var (MORE)

Which serial killer has killed the most number of people?

There are a number of candidates for worst serial killer. These include of Liu Pengli of China, Gilles de Rais of France, Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary and Thug Behram the leader of the Thug cult of India. All of these people were aristocrats who could kill with relative impunity.

What is the number one killer of Americans today is often called silent killer?

Poor Health. Seriously, and most of it's linked to Heart problems caused by poor health. Americans are just obsessed with labor saving equipment!. The number one cause would probably be a myocardial infarction, or Heart Attack.. If it is not restricted to silence however, the answer is still poor (MORE)

Is cancer the number one killer in U.S.?

No, heart disease is number one. Cancer is 2nd, however. Though Cancer is statistically the #2 killer and nearly tied with Heart Disease, Cancer actually far surpasses Heart Disease in the U.S. as a result of how statistics are gathered. It is very common for someone who has died as a result of c (MORE)

What number one killer of humans?

In the United States the number one killer is heart disease.. Surprisingly it is the number one cause of death and takes more lives than cancer.

What is the number of people flying at one time?

According to a recent quote cited by the IATA, "2.4 billion people flew safely on 36.8 million jet and turboprop flights last year." Some quick math (2.4 billion divided by 365 days per year) would give a rough answer of 6,575,342 people flying each day. Since not all flights are in the air at th (MORE)

What animal is the number one killer of humans in the US?

Poison Dart Frog. The backs of the poison dart frog ooze a slimy neurotoxin that is meant to keep the predators away. Each frog produces enough of the toxin to kill 10 humans, though in captivity, the frogs do not secrete this poison. The frogs are brilliantly colored and live mainly in Central and (MORE)

What is the number one killer of children in UK?

The number one killer is abuse. The under lying cause is low income or poverty stress on families. It is very sad. Roughly 10,000 children suffer from child abuse every week. Simply because their parents are drunk, or they feel the need to relieve their stress and anger out on a defenseless innocent (MORE)

Why do people idolize serial killers?

Fascination and Curiosity. It can mean many things: they were raised that way, if they take religious acts upon serial killers. In other words, they are really stupid.

Why isn't marijuana legal and the number one killer tobacco is?

because tobacco wasn't know to be deadly, and there was a large part of the economy based on the sale of it, and to rip that away from America would put us into a depression (or at least a big recession) while marijuana was talked badly about by rich Americans that feared losing customers.

Can people grow up to be killers?

yes...[but you cannot be born a killer], but if you grow up without a comfortable childhood, you are bound to be less than you would be if you were to have a nice childhood.

What is the number one killer of children in the world?

Cancer is responsible for more deaths in children ages 1-18 then ashma, diabetes, or any other medicak condition combines. It is estimated 10,300 children in the us will die from it this year, i lost my best friend 1 year ago to leukemia

Is bleaching cream the number one killer in Jamacia?

Please think about your questions for a moment before posting them. You're asking if the real threat to Jamaicans is not heart attack, stroke, cancer, accidents, violence, natural disasters or infectious diseases, but bleaching cream . All I will say is that if it is, then Jamaicans must be a ver (MORE)

How do people interact with killer bees?

Killer bees are prolific honey producers and were un naturaly breed and designed by man as such. In central and south amarican countries bee keepers have learned to work this breed of honey be by trial and error. As a general rule the better a breed of honey bee is at producing honey the more aggres (MORE)

How did people react to the Zodiac Killer?

The Zodiac Serial Killer terrorized much of northern California in the late 1960s and early 70s. Since his first attacks were on young couples in lovers' lane areas parents would not let their children out at night unsupervised. Later on Zodiac threatened to attack a school bus by, "just shooting ou (MORE)

What is the number one killer of teenagers while driving?

There are several factors that increase the risk of death inteenage drivers. In 2012, 52% of the drivers and 59% of thepassengers that were involved in fatal car accidents were notwearing their seatbelts, making it one of the leading causes ofdeath in teenage drivers.

Why that when people call the police that the number is nine one one?

Because on september 11,2001 terroist flew 2 planes into the twintowers, (search "what happened on september 11,2001," For more) Andso the police informed everyone that instead of using a regularnumber, you can jut use "911" for a faster way of dialing andthat's a number everyone will remember.