What is the number one killer of people at the beach?

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Drowning is the number one killer of people at the beach.

Intoxication and ignorance; being unable to make good decisions or the lack of knowledge on which to base good decisions about safety. Sometimes, people swim too far out into the ocean, and it may take to much energy out of you.
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Who is the number one serial killer?

There is no way to answer this question. All serial murders/lust murderers are evil in their own merit. Your question depends on the idea of quality or quantity. There are man

What number one killer of humans?

In the United States the number one killer is heart disease.. Surprisingly it is the number one cause of death and takes more lives than cancer.
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What is the number one killer of children in UK?

The number one killer is abuse. The under lying cause is low income or poverty stress on families. It is very sad. Roughly 10,000 children suffer from child abuse every week.