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What is the occupation of the Paleolithic age?

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The main occupation of the paleolithic age is survival.
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What is the paleolithic age?

The Paleolithic age is old stone age about millions years ago. The Paleolithic Age is also known as the Stone Age. The Paleolithic Age, sometimes called the Stone Age, is mark

Why is the paleolithic age called the paleolithic age?

\n. \n. \nThe prefix "paleo" means "old" while the suffix "lithic" means stone- "Old stone age". This was when humans were not yet into civilization, and were nomadic hunter

What colors did they use in Paleolithic age?

The Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) people decorated their cave walls either by carving or engraving them with sharp stones, or by painting them with pigment made from minerals.

What did Paleolithic age people do?

Survival. Paleolothic people spent all their waking time looking for food, hunting for food, or storing food.

Why were humans in the Paleolithic Age nomadic?

Humans in the Paleolithic Age were nomadic because they had not yet developed farming or domesticated any food animals. Hunter gatherers use up the local resources and have to

What humans used the paleolithic age?

If you mean, what kind of tools did humans use in the Paleolithic age, mostly sticks (some of which were on fire), arrows & bows, and rocks chipped into arrowheads. If you mea