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What is the oldest age a woman can safely give birth?

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What age is the oldest woman on earth?

I believe she turned 122 on February,1997!And that's pretty old!!;P I don't know what happened to her after that...I think she died!!! In May 2011, the oldest woman is 114

What is the oldest age a woman can get pregnant?

Without any fertility drugs it is before she has completed menopause. The age varies from woman to woman but it's around 50. By the time a woman is 30 she only have 50% left o

What is the ideal age for a woman to give birth?

There is no ideal age as in a magic number. The best time is when she is in a healthy, long term relationship, with steady employment and health benefits - after they have com
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What age was the oldest woman when she died?

The highest verified age of any woman in history is 122years and 164 days. She was called Jeanne Calment. A few fun factsabout her: in her youth she was well acquainted with