What is the opposite of survivor?

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Depending on the context, opposites could include victim, fatality, or loser.
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What is Survivor?

It's a show where a number of adults lives in a specific "wilderness" and has to work together to build shelter and find food and compete in a series of games as teams and ind

What is the opposite of does?

The opposite of does is "doesn't" (does not). The opposite action of does is "undoes." (*The opposite gender for does , female deer, is bucks .)

What is a survivor?

sur⋅vi⋅vor . /sərˈvaɪvər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ser- vahy -ver] Show IPA . -noun 1. a person or thing that survives. 2. Law . the one of tw

What survivors were in survivor gabon?

In order they got voted out: Michelle Gillian Paloma Jacquie Danny Kelly Ace Dan Marcus Charlie Randy Corinne Crystal Ken Matty Jessica (Sugar) Susie Bob

What is the opposite of you?

From the standpoint of interpersonal operations (what the first person I, does in relationship to a second person, you), the opposite of you is me , or I. Similarly, from the

What is the opposite of has?

The opposite of has/ to have would be to lack , or alternatively to need or want. (the word lose is not an opposite of have because it is a change in possession)
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Opposit of that?

There are no words in the thesaurus for the opposite of that.