What is the opposite of survivor?

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Depending on the context, opposites could include victim, fatality, or loser.
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What is the opposite of not?

The opposite of not (as a negative) is simply the omission of the word. The opposite of "not something" is usually "is something" -- with the possible addition of modifiers such as definitely or indeed . Or, otherwise stated, the opposite of not is "is." When someone says, "No, it's not" the op (MORE)

What is opposition?

When the Earth is between the Sun and a planet. In such a case, the apparent brightest of a planet is at its highest.

What is a survivor clause?

Usually in the form of "to give residue of my estate to my spouse, if she survives me by 30 days." It prevents double tax probate and prevents spouse's will immediately changing distribution

What are opposites?

Opposites are two things or concepts that have one or more characteristics that are completely different, to the extent that they are considered the reverse in some way. Words that are nouns or adjectives for opposites are called antonyms. They include concepts such as good and bad, or light and da (MORE)

What is Survivor?

It's a show where a number of adults lives in a specific "wilderness" and has to work together to build shelter and find food and compete in a series of games as teams and individuals. Every 3rd night, one team goes to tribal council, where one person gets voted off the island. Ultimately, they all (MORE)

Who is a survivor of the Holocaust?

Many Jews died in the holocaust. Yet some did survive. One survivor was Nelly S. Toll. She was in hiding during the holocaust. Her and her mom hid in a friend's home. They had a secret window that they hid in when someone came in the house that they did not know or when there was a knock on the door (MORE)

What is the opposite of does?

The opposite of does is "doesn't" (does not). The opposite action of does is "undoes." (*The opposite gender for does , female deer, is bucks .)

Is no the opposite of no?

No. The opposite of no (negative) is normally "yes" (affirmative). ...or, if you're a parent who doesn't want to disappoint a child, it might be "we'll see".

What Does It Take to be a survivor?

To be a survivor, it takes strength, courage, and the will to survive. It doesn't matter what you are trying to survive, whether it's a hurricane or a Zombie Apocalypse.

What is the Survivor Series about?

Survivor is a reality TV show where people send videos in about themselves asking to be on Survivor. The producer and Jeff pick 20 people who should be on Survivor.

What is the opposite of will?

Won't Opposite of will (v) . disinherit . disown Neglect, pass... The opposite of "will" is "will not" -- which can also be written as "won't."

What is the opposite of or?

For logic diagrams there is AND ... OR .... NOT AND and I guess there is a NOT OR , maybe.. NOT AND means the same as Neither of the items in the list. But that would mean the same as NOT OR , so I'm not sure if there is an exact opposite.

What is the opposite of answer?

The opposite of the noun "answer" would be "question." The opposite of the verb "answer" would be "ask." From the meaning of answer as a solution , the opposite would be the lack of a solution. The opposite of the verb form meaning to respond would be to ignore. (It has more than (MORE)

Who were the winners of Survivor?

In order of their seasons, the winners of Survivor are: Survivor: Borneo - Richard Hatch Survivor: Outback - Tina Wesson Survivor: Africa - Ethan Zohn Survivor: Marquesas - Vecepia Towery Survivor: Thailand - Brian Heidik Survivor: Amazon - Jenna Morasca Survivor: Pearl Islands - Sandra Diaz-Twine (MORE)

What is a survivor?

sur⋅vi⋅vor . /sərˈvaɪvər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ser- vahy -ver] Show IPA . -noun 1. a person or thing that survives. 2. Law . the one of two or more designated persons, as joint tenants or others having a joint interest, who outlives the other or others. 3. a pers (MORE)

What survivors were in survivor gabon?

In order they got voted out: Michelle Gillian Paloma Jacquie Danny Kelly Ace Dan Marcus Charlie Randy Corinne Crystal Ken Matty Jessica (Sugar) Susie Bob

What are survivor benefits?

Benefits that go to the survivors. For example, if you had a pension plan, and you died, your surviving spouse might be entitled to some of your pension payments.

What is the opposite of for?

There is no opposite of the preposition "for" (a reason). However, for something given as a gift, the opposite of "for" (the recipient) would be from (the donor or giver).

What is the opposite of we?

The opposite of we (first person plural nominative) could be either of these: you - second person plural they - third person plural nominative

Who is tara in survivor?

The castaway you are referring to, never appeared on the U.S. version of Survivor. She was on the Survivor Philippines Palau Edition and her lat name was Macias.

What is the opposite of have?

The opposite of the verb "have" is to not have. The informal nouns for persons with property or without are the haves and the have-nots . (There is no direct opposite to having, however the opposite of acquire or gain is to lose.)

What is 'survivor' in French?

Survivant is a French equivalent of 'survivor'. It's pronounced 'syoor-vee-vaw'. It's the masculine form of an adjective/noun. The feminine 'survivante' is pronounced 'syoor-vee-vawnt'.

Who is the drummer to the survivors?

The band has gone through many different drummers over the years. This has allowed them to keep playing and moving forward with the times. You may be referring to Mickey Curry, Kyle Woodring, and Marc Droubay.

Who was the gravedigger on survivor?

James Clement was the "gravedigger" contestant in Survivor: China, Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites), and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

When was Rupert on Survivor?

Rupert has been on Survivor 3 times. His first appearance was on Survivor: Pearl Islands. He competed again in Survivor: All-Stars. And he is now competing for his 3rd time in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, a member of the Heroes tribe.

Survivors of the Alamo were who?

Susanna Dickenson (Captain Dickenson's wife) and Joe (Colonel Travis' slave). They were non-combatants, and Santa Anna set them free.

What is the opposite of you?

From the standpoint of interpersonal operations (what the first person I, does in relationship to a second person, you), the opposite of you is me , or I. Similarly, from the standpoint of here or there, the word they or them may be the opposite of both you, I, we, or us. --- However, technic (MORE)

Where was survivor 2009?

There were two seasons of Survivor that took place in 2009. The first was in Tocantins which is in Brazil and the second was in Samoa which is an island in the South Pacific.

Will there be a saboteur in Survivor?

Depends on the season. Many people viewed Rupert as a saboteur for stealing shoes. Johnny Fairplay was seen as a saboteur for lying about his grandmother to get a visit from a reward. Even Russell was looked at as a saboteur for his game tactics on the seasons he appeared on.

What is a synonym for survivor?

A survivor is one who is rescued, who stays alive, or who remains in a competition. There is no real synonym. But someone who struggles to survive may be called a competitor, a fighter, a scrapper, or a soldier.

Who is the survivor in Doctor Who?

I don't entirely understand what you be by survivor but other than the doctor himself, the master also escaped the time war where he returned in the episode Utopia but died after being shot by his 'wife' when he was the prime minister and tried to take control of earth in The Last of the Time Lords. (MORE)

What is the opposite of has?

The opposite of has/ to have would be to lack , or alternatively to need or want. (the word lose is not an opposite of have because it is a change in possession)

What is the opposite?

The opposite is 2 things that are completely different. For example, the moon and the sun, up and down, right and left, a smile and a frown.

How do you win survivor?

Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the other contestants. Then, hope that they want to give you their vote at the final tribal council.

Which Survivor was Amber on?

Amber Brkich first appeared on Survivor the Australian Outback. She later returned to participate and win Survivor All-Stars which took place in the Pearl Islands of Panama.

Who is Phillip on survivor?

He states he is a retired CIA/FBI agent. I truly doubt that, but he isn't well liked by the tribe since he states what he thinks.

What is the opposite of be?

he opposite of be is are because when you say something like "Be a good person." you are trying to tell the person to become something. But when you say "You are a good person." that means that you already have become that thing.

What is the opposite of out?

The opposite of out is "in." (For a fire , the opposite of out is "lit" . For a light , the opposite of out, meaning off, is "on.")

Are cheetahs survivors?

They are endandered, but they are more survivors than tigers. I don't know why they made the song The eye of the tiger survivor. Tigers are almost extinct! What do i care i;m not a tiger fan. Im a cheetah fan.

How did the holocaust survivors get out?

The camps were opened up by Allied forces as they found them and the people left alive given medical care and help. Eventually they were processed, given papers and some returned home. Many had no family or friends left to find because they had been sent to the gas chambers or worked to death. Some (MORE)

What is a designated survivor?

A designated survivor is a member of the United States Cabinet whoneeds to be in a distant and undisclosed location when thePresident and other top leaders are gathered in a single locationtogether.