What is the origin of the phrase time is of the essence?

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It's used in legalese when writing contracts. It's used to say that if you don't complete your end of the bargain by a certain time, incurable damages will occur and the contract is void. Essentially, the essence of the contract is dependent on time.
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What is the origin of the phrase 'Drastic times call for drastic measures'?

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If Time is not of the essence?

Answer . Time is not the essence when the matter of time is not expressly agreed by the parties or implied by the nature of contract or no application from promisee is made

What does the phrase time is of the essence mean?

"Time is of the essence" is a phrase used to emphasize that theactions described need to be completed in a reasonable amount oftime. . This phrase requires a party to act wit

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Around the 1580's the phrase in the nick meant in the cut or notch to mean at a precise moment in time. The phrase evolved to be in the nick of time. Nowadays the meaning

What does Time is of the essences mean?

It means that time is the most important aspect of the situation, usually that a hurry is now required. You may have all the supplies, money, co-operation, super-structure

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What does time is of he essence mean?

Time is of the essence means that time is valuable in the situation, or that time is limited. It means there is no time to waste, and that you may not have much time left.
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Who coined the phrase 'Time is of the essence'?

It is an old phrase, origin not known. Seen originally in legaldocuments, so that actions provided for in the legal document mustbe completed by the date given