What is the origin of the term Tar Heel?

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In Colonial days, North Carolina was a big producer of tar, pitch and turpentine. During one of the fiercest conflicts of the Civil War, North Carolina troops felt they had been let down by a regiment carrying the colors of another state, and thus carried chips on their shoulders when they pulled back from the front after the battle. "Any more tar down in the Old North State, boys?" members of the other regiments taunted the battle-weary North Carolinians. "Not a bit. Jeff Davis bought it all up," retorted the Carolinians. "How's that, what's he going to do with it?" "He's gonna put it on your heels to make you stick better in the next fight," answered the soldiers from the land of tar, pitch and turpentine. Gerneral Lee, hearing of the incident, remarked: "God Bless the Tar Heel Boys." The nickname stuck. Source ... Creecy's "Grandfather Tales of North Carolina" Top Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce
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What is the meaning and origin of the Tar Heels state nickname?

Historians have recorded that the principal products during the early history of North Carolina were "tar, pitch, and turpentine." In 1862 "tar-heel" was introduced as a term

How did the Tar Heels get their mascot?

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What is the Tar heel state?

Assuming you meant the Tar heel state, it would be North Carolina. It's inhabitants are known as Tar heels and the University of North Carolina named its mascot the Tar heels.

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Rich Yonakor (1976-80), Cecil Exum (1980-84), Bill Akins (1988-89), Octavus Barnes (1994-95), Brian Bersticker (1997-2002), Tyler Hansbrough (2005-09) the jersey #50 was ret

Is a tar heel a ram?

UNC's mascot is a RAM. The state North Carolina is known for it's early settlement trading of tar. NC had tar springs and used it in bartering. I guess for that reason they ca