What is the pay for a waitress?

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I get $5.70 an hour but i have to tip out the bartender the hostess the expo and the bus help....i work in a busy place so i make about 20 dollars per hour which is pretty nice.. On an average shift i make about 100-120 an hour.Answer This depends heavily on where you work: your geographic location and the restaurant. In the United States, most waitresses earn the minimum hourly wage plus tips, which can bring their hourly rate to $10/hour, $15/hour, or more. It also greatly depends on your attitude. No matter what a waitress should always be nice and sweet. This can improve your hourly wage from $10 to $20 or more. In India a waitress in a five star hotel gets about Rs. 20000/- I get paid $2.40 an hour plus tips. Answer Tipped servers are one of the only jobs that can legally pay LESS than the minimum wage. Most servers are paid $2.25- $4.25 per hour, depending upon the state. Most of their income comes from tips.
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What is the pay for waitresses?

Like every other job, the pay varies with the location, but typically this is a low-paying job. With tips added you are supposed to get minimum wage which. varies from state t

What do a waitress do?

Her major worktask is to serve people who eat, usually in a restaurant, exceptionally sometimes in private homes.

Does being a waitress pay?

Depends on where you go. Some places only pay you an hourly wage of 2 dollars an hour, therefore you solely rely on tips. And the tips are based on your service and the moods

What is the average waitress pay at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Food Server - Hourly 6 Buffalo Wild Wings Salaries. $5.28/hr. Cashier - Hourly 6 Buffalo Wild Wings Salaries. $7.56/hr. Cook - Hourly 5 Buffalo Wild Wings Salaries. $9

What is the average pay for a waitress job in Houston?

Minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 USD per hour as of January 1st, 2012, and most diners and family restaurants will pay minimum wage plus tips. A fancy restaurant may offer a hi