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What is the phrase 'Ya que estamos juntas estamos en un mundo donde somos uno por la musica' when translated from Spanish to English?

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Now that we're together, we're in a world where we are one with the music.
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What is the phrase 'donde esta' when translated from Spanish to English?

Donde está (note the accent) means "Where is he/she/it/you*"    Donde means "Where?" and está means "it is, he is, she is".    *In Spanish, when talking to som

What does the spanish word estamos mean?

In its simplest literal form, it means, "we are." However, it can also mean, "we stand" as in, "We stand ready to serve you."

What does en que mes estamos mean in spanish?

en que mes estamos means en que mes estamos in Spanish. However if you were wondering what it means in English it directly translates to "in which month we are"

En que mes estamos?

Translation: What month are we in? Answer: Estamos en el mes de agosto (We are in the month of August)