What is the plural of Bigfoot?

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Bigfoot is both singular and plural, like the word sheep or fish. But also saying Bigfoots is accepted but not grammatically correct.
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What is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is a popular myth who likes to eat human flesh and is said to be descended from a little boy who stayed in the woods and became a monster. However there are different

Who is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is a type of ape (the same colour as a gorrila) usuallyfound in dense forest. It is said to be related to the yeti, butdont get confused the yeti is a white or gray co

Is there a bigfoot?

Science has not as yet proven it. But the latest Olympic swimming champion has big feet. There is circumstantial evidence, largely anecdotal, of the existence of Bigfoot (Sasq

Where is bigfoot?

bigfoot: mostly middle America and Canada.(sasquatch)yeti: Himalayas In any state with sufficient forest. most of Canada except the maritimes and the flatlands of Ab and Sa

What does bigfoot do?

Bigfoot is a legendary cryptid that supposedly inhabits forests such as in the Western United States, Canada and Parts of the Midwest. He has been claimed to be seen walking a

Who was Bigfoot?

First answer Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, is an enduring legend in the field of cryptozoology. All evidence has proved nothing, to date. Second answer Please see the

Bigfoot is a what?

Bigfoot is a schizophrenic from Newport, Vermont.\n. \nBelow is a link to the wikipedia page about him.

What is the theory of Bigfoot?

There are two main theories about Bigfoot. One is Bigfoot is the missing link, an ancient man. The second is, Bigfoot is an ancient ape, Gigantipithicus Blaki.

How do you do bigfoot on Panfu?

first go talk to big foot on the Caribbean beech he will tell you to bring him some fish then go to the fisherman at the old harbour he will say find his fishing rod go to the

Why is Bigfoot called Bigfoot?

to correct further answer the last answer Bigfoot actually would wear a size 14 shoes in mens. that isn't that large of a foot. i wear a size 12. in 1811 when the first sighti