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What is the population of China in 2009?

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In October, 2009, the population of China is estimated at 1,319,175,330 (1.3 billion).
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What is the population of China?

1.3 billion Here are some estimates of the population of China over time: 2009: 1,331,460,000 2011: 1,342,640,000 (March 2011), almost one fifth of the world'spopulation. 2012

What is the Population problem of China and policies of China?

 The population problem that China faces is rapid population growth and the inability of the country to adequately support it (Hofsten 1980, p. 213). Total population in Chi

How populated is China?

The population of China is 1.325.082.380 as of mid-2009. I have reliable sources to tell me so so this should be right!! I hope I have helped all of you students out there tha

What are the china public holidays for 2009?

  There are 27 days in total public holidays among the year of 2009 in China. They are: New Year Holiday - 3 Days, Chinese New Year Holiday (Spring Festival) - 8 Days, Qin

When are Public holidays 2009 china?

Jan 1-3 (New Year) Jan 25-31 (Spring Festival) April 4 (Tomb Sweeping Day) May 1 ( Labour Day) May 28-30 ( Dragon Boat ) Oct 1-8 ( National Day holiday + Mid-Autumn

How has China population law impacted China?

China implemented the One Child Policy This policy keeps the population growth steady, but leading to the following side effects: 1. Aging population - each couple only allow