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What is the population of China in 2009?

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In October, 2009, the population of China is estimated at 1,319,175,330 (1.3 billion).
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What is the Muslim population of China 2010?

Offical estimates of 2001 put Muslim population at 1.6% which was 22 million. 2011 census information will be released sometime in mid 2011. However actually population is est

What is the population of Beijing China?

The estimated population of Beijing, China as of 2009 was 12.46  million people. China's total population as of 2014 is estimated to  be 1.36 billion people.

What is the population of China?

1.3 billion Here are some estimates of the population of China over time: 2009: 1,331,460,000 2011: 1,342,640,000 (March 2011), almost one fifth of the world'spopulation. 2012

What is the population of tianjin china?

  At the end of 2004, the population of Tianjin Municipality was 10.24 million, of which 9.33 million were holders of Tianjin hukou (permanent residence). Among Tianjin pe

What is the exact population of China?

According to the CIA World Fact Book, the estimated population of China in 2009 was 1,338,612,968, which is in excess of one billion more people than live in the United States

How populated is China?

The population of China is 1.325.082.380 as of mid-2009. I have reliable sources to tell me so so this should be right!! I hope I have helped all of you students out there tha

What is the population like in China and how is the population managed?

Today, China's population growth has drastically slowed down since the 1960's, but it's still slightly increasing. Due to it's one-child policy and it's government's effort to

How does China control population growth?

The Chinese government introduced one-child policy in 1979 to alleviate the social and environmental problems of China.   The one-child policy promotes couples having one c

Population of china in 2000?

The population of the Peoples Republic of China in 2000 was 1.27  billion people. The current population of China is 1.36 billion.  China is the most populated country in th