What is the purpose of a parallel port?

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A parallel port, also called Centronics or IEEE 1284 or printer port) is a type of computer interface and is used for connecting various peripherals, mainly printers or scanners.

Now a parallel port is rarely used, it was replaced by an USB port.
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What is a parallel port?

Parallel Port The are basically two types of data buses and ports, serial and parallel. Think of a serial bus as a two-lane highway; that is, one lane in each direction. Thi

What are the serial and parallel ports?

serial and parallel are legacy network ports, from way back when before eathernet and usb were adopted as standard. they were both used extensively for printer interfaces, but

What is the purpose of a port?

A computer port is a connection point between a computer and aninternal or external device. Its purpose is to identify variousapplications or processes that are executing on a

What is the purpose of a PC parallel port?

Usually they are used for hardware requiring higher data throughputs, often printers or scanners. In modern computers the USB port is more commonly used for these kinds of dev

What is the function and location of a parallel port?

The function of a parallel port was to send at least a byte of data at a time to a printer. As time went on and parallel ports were given bidirectional abilities, they were us

What is a parallel slave port?

it is used to interface between controller and peripheral device.. peripheral device otherwise called external device such as LED,LCD...
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How do you convert from serial port to parallel port?

A serial port is a totally different electrical device thus, as far as I know, can not be converted to a parallel port due to differences in protocols and baud rates/data rate
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Compare parallel port and serial port?

A serial port is a 9 pin, RS-232 connection usually used for Terminal connections and older modems as well as some mice and older keyboards for example. It has lost much of
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What is a parallel ports?

Parallel Ports is a noun. Parallel Ports means a connector for a device that sends or receives several bits of data simultaneously by using more than one wire.