What is the purpose of a parallel port?

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A parallel port, also called Centronics or IEEE 1284 or printer port) is a type of computer interface and is used for connecting various peripherals, mainly printers or scanners.

Now a parallel port is rarely used, it was replaced by an USB port.
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How do you redirect a serial port to output out of the parallel port?

You don't. If you are wanting to plug something into the serial port, and it is the same size as the parallel port (it isn't a parallel port, it's a different plug for the serial), use an adaptor. I'm in the same problem. I have a laptop and a program that uses com1 and need to redirect serial comm (MORE)

What are the parallel port devices?

Parallel port devices are those devices which are connected to the computer via parallel ports. An example is Printer which is connected to the parallel port LPTx (Line Printer Terminal) eg: LPT1, LPT2, LPT3. Parallel ports were originally developed by IBM as a way to connect a printer to your PC. W (MORE)

What is a parallel port?

Parallel Port The are basically two types of data buses and ports, serial and parallel. Think of a serial bus as a two-lane highway; that is, one lane in each direction. Think of a parallel bus as a multi-lane turnpike or freeway, with multiple lanes in each direction. Parallel buses can carry m (MORE)

Difference between usb and parallel port?

parallel ports are used for old style printers or hardware to connect to due to the popularity and speed of usb is prefered over parallel as most printers nowadays are usb

How do you access data from parallel port?

Parallel Port Howto. Programming and access to ports . parallel port base address . Firstly some procedure is due to have to be able to determine which is the base address of the port.. As it were said previously, the parallel port has its base address in two-way traffic consecutive of memory. (MORE)

Difference between parallel port and serial port?

A parallel port passes multiple data bits per buss cycle, by using a separate wire for each bit to be sent. . A serial port passes one data bit per buss cycle. It is much cheaper as fewer wires are needed, but also slower.

How many pins does parallel and serial port have?

The traditional parallel port is a 25 "d-sub" connector. Serial ports come in two flavors, either 25 pin "d-sub" or 9 pin. USB (another serial communication standard) is a different animal. PS/2 is also a serial port and it has six pins.

What are the serial and parallel ports?

serial and parallel are legacy network ports, from way back when before eathernet and usb were adopted as standard. they were both used extensively for printer interfaces, but have since been superseded by usb. in the pre-usb days, specialist hardware such as detectors or motor controls would connec (MORE)

What is the purpose of a port?

A computer port is a connection point between a computer and aninternal or external device. Its purpose is to identify variousapplications or processes that are executing on a single computer.

What is the purpose of a PC parallel port?

Usually they are used for hardware requiring higher data throughputs, often printers or scanners. In modern computers the USB port is more commonly used for these kinds of devices.

What can you connect to a parallel port?

Many devices have traditionally been connected to a parallel port. The most common usage was for printers. Image scanners, external hard drives, and Ethernet adapters have also been created for the parallel port.

What are the major uses of the parallel port?

The parallel port is most commonly used for printers, although most modern printers are USB these days. Parallel ports may also be used for external cdroms, zip drives, or hard disks. These have also moved in large part to USB because of its faster data transfer capabilities.

Why do motherboards have parallel ports?

I'm guessing this question means I'm getting old :) Parallel ports were originally added to a computer to communicate with printing devices. Later it was adapted for use with many other devices which needed higher data throughput (I know it's funny now what was considered high throughput in those da (MORE)

What connects to the parallel port?

The parallel port can be used for many different devices. It is most commonly used for printers, giving the parallel port the nickname "The printer port". It is also commonly used for Iomega Zip and Jazz drives. In modern computing, however, the parallel port is rarely used. Because of that, comp (MORE)

How parallel port is used in turbo c?

Parallel port is the most simplest port of computer to use. It is too simple to use in Turbo C++ . there are two types of parallel ports of computer 1. SPP (standard parallel port) = 0x3bc 2. ECP (Enhanced communication port) or EPP(Enhanced parallel port) = 0x378 parallel port is divided (MORE)

What is the difference between a serial port and a parallel port?

Answer-- . Parallel ports are easy to program and faster compared to the serial ports. But main disadvantage is it needs more number of transmission lines. Because of this reason parallel ports are not used in long distance communications. Let us know the basic difference between working of paral (MORE)

What are the advantages of a serial port over a parallel port?

In computers, ports are used mainly for two reasons: Device control and communication. We can program PC's Parallel ports for both. Parallel ports are mainly meant for connecting the printer to the PC. But we can program this port for many more applications beyond that. A serial port consists of on (MORE)

What are the differences between a parallel port and a serial port?

Answer-- . Parallel ports are easy to program and faster compared to the serial ports. But main disadvantage is it needs more number of transmission lines. Because of this reason parallel ports are not used in long distance communications. Let us know the basic difference between working of paral (MORE)

What are some reasons for calling a parallel port a female port?

It is not called a female port. For every cable, there is a male, and a female. These cables are the opposites of each other so they can connect to one another. This is example of a male cable: http://images.Asia.ru/img/alibaba/photo/51732182/RS232_9_Pin_Male_to_9_Pin_Male_Cable.jpg Notice t (MORE)

What is a parallel port used to connect?

A parallel port can be used to connect a large number of devices. The most common usage was for printers, although scanners, external disk drives, and network adapters also used this port. With a special cable, two computers could also be connected directly for sharing files.

Device connects to a parallel port?

As technology has moved on from parallel ports to Firewire or USB then being able to find any device that still uses parallel communication ports will be increasingly difficult

How many parallel ports on computer?

There is only one parallel port per computer, but in the recent years that port is obsolete. The newer printer models use the usb connection and that way the communication between the computer and the printer is much faster.

What is the function and location of a parallel port?

The function of a parallel port was to send at least a byte of data at a time to a printer. As time went on and parallel ports were given bidirectional abilities, they were used for other things such as connecting tape drives and transferring data between two computers. Gamers sometimes used paralle (MORE)

What is a parallel slave port?

it is used to interface between controller and peripheral device.. peripheral device otherwise called external device such as LED,LCD...

What is one purpose of parallelism?

Using parallel structures creates rhythm and balance and enables the writer to present ideas clearly, concisely, and smoothly. Perhaps even more importantly, parallelism can help a writer highlight or emphasize information or make a powerful point. Without parallelism, writing can become clunky, awk (MORE)

Where would you find a parallel port?

The older parallel port were mainly located near the area where the on board devises like keyboard and Ps/ 2 or at Keyboards would plugin .. Very near to the communication prt plug.. look at the image in the related link below and you see basic layout of where it would be located at. Or just look (MORE)

When was the parallel port first used?

Parallel Port is one in which the entire data byte is transferred at once unlike bit by bit data transfer by a serial port. The parallel port first came into use in 1970s and were solely used for Printing purposes. However, currently they are rarely used.

How do you convert from serial port to parallel port?

A serial port is a totally different electrical device thus, as far as I know, can not be converted to a parallel port due to differences in protocols and baud rates/data rates on the port. You can however get a USB to serial/parallel adapter which many people have had good luck with. Hope thi (MORE)

Compare parallel port and serial port?

A serial port is a 9 pin, RS-232 connection usually used for Terminal connections and older modems as well as some mice and older keyboards for example. It has lost much of it's popularity and is uncommon on modern computers, usually must be emulated via USB or another port. Usually it's low spee (MORE)

Do you agree with the statement that Parallel port is a bidirectional port?

yes, i agree with the statement that Parallel port is a bidirectional port . The original specification for parallel ports was unidirectional, meaning that data only traveled in one direction for each pin. With the introduction of the PS/2 in 1987, IBM offered a new bidirectional parallel port d (MORE)

What is the difference between a serial port and parallel port?

The difference is the format of the data being sent. Parallel means that multiple bits are sent at the same time on different wires. Serial means that a single bit is sent at a time on a single wire. There is usually a clock signal pin for keeping track of where each byte begins. Serial ports are of (MORE)

What is the function of a parallel port on a computer?

The parallel port was mainly created to be able to send data to a printer. As time passed, it was used for other things, like transferring data between computers with software, or to attach a tape drive. It is called a parallel port because there are at least 8 pins carrying data at the same time, t (MORE)

What is a parallel ports?

Parallel Ports is a noun. Parallel Ports means a connector for a device that sends or receives several bits of data simultaneously by using more than one wire.