What is the purpose of a topic sentence in a supporting paragraph?

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Make a statement that will be backed up with evidence in that paragraph
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How do you write good supporting sentences in a paragraph?

Make sure that they support the topic sentence! One way to check this is to mentally change the topic or main idea into a question - then, just be sure that each sentence in your paragraph answers that question somehow! When you are composing your paragraph, the best way is to make a list of every (MORE)

A topic paragraph should conclude with a sentence that the topic?

I think you are confused about your terms. A topic sentence is the main idea of a paragraph. It is usually the first sentence of the paragraph and makes a statement about some topic. The rest of the paragraph explains the topic sentence or gives examples of the topic sentence.

How do you write a topic sentence for an example paragraph?

A topic sentence is a sentence that explains what the paragraph isgoing to be about. For example, if a paragraph is about horses, thetopic sentence would tell exactly what type of horse it is about.An example would be: "Arabian horses are both beautiful andfunctional creatures".

Example of a topic sentence in the beginning of a paragraph?

My First Day My first day of college was a disaster. First, I went to the wrong classroom for math. I was sitting in the class, surrounded by people taking notes and paying attention to how to do equations, which would have been okay if I was supposed to be in an algebra class. In reality, I was (MORE)

How do you write a paragraph which fully supports a topic?

You fully support a topic by giving details that explain, describe, or define it. List facts that prove the topic. Explain what the topic means to you. Describe everything that you can. One trick is to mentally change your topic sentence into a question - if each of your sentences "answers" that q (MORE)

What is a good topic sentence for a task paragraph about wood?

Contrary to poplar belief, wood is more than an oak-ay material to create lasting treasures. Most people wil'low you to believe that the things you build maple apart at the seams if you use wood instead of something more l"ash"ting, but I am here to get to the root of things. To understand the benef (MORE)

How do you write a topic sentence in the middle of a paragraph?

It is important that all topic sentences relate to the thesis statement. Let's use the following thesis statement as an example : In order to succeed in the classroom, college students need to utilize the resources available to them throughout their academic careers. Because this thesis stateme (MORE)

A topic sentence for a description paragraph should?

The topic sentence establishes the main idea of the piece. Itsubstantiates the premise and puts across a single idea or definingreason the document was written. It lets the user know what will bediscussed in the following paragraphs.

Example of a paragraph with an implied topic sentence?

A topic sentence is the main concept of your writing, it can beused anywhere within a paragraph. If used at the start of aparagraph it gives general idea of the writing. If used in theintermediate section of the paragraph it lets you shape an idea andthen build upon it. If used at the end of a parag (MORE)

Does a topic sentence have to be the first sentence in a paragraph?

in the Penn foster booklet of piratical English writing process booklet 1 it says 2 different things it says it can be anywhere in a paragraph but then later on in the booklet it says its the first sentence so its hard to display answer. Usually it is the first sentence. But it can be the sec (MORE)

Where can a topic sentence appear in a paragraph?

At the beginning or the end. Usually it is the first sentence. But it can be the second sentence especially when the first sentence is a sentence that links to the previous paragraph. Or it can be the last sentence

What is the topic sentence in a paragraph?

the first sentence of the paragraph is called the topic sentence which should describe most of the paragraph for the reader to understand. The topic sentence is usually the first sentence of a paragraph. It makes a statement (about a topic) and the rest of the paragraph explains the topic senten (MORE)

Example paragraph with topic sentences in the middle?

The alarm clock sounded for a full two minutes before Daniel heard it. Even than, she put her pillow over her head, rolled over and groaned loudly. Getting up early in the morning was always hard for Daniel. As usual, her mom had to pull the blankets off him and make him get up for school.

A paragraph that has its topic sentence at the end is?

The opening chapter of the Bible begins with the story of The Creation. On the first day, God created light and separated the light from the darkness, calling light as "day" and darkness as "night." On the second day, God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it "sky." On the third da (MORE)

Where is a topic sentence located in a paragraph?

Usually the topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph. The topic sentence makes a statement about some topic and the rest of the paragraph explains the topic sentence or gives examples of the topic sentence. For example if this was the topic sentence There are three living species of (MORE)

What purpose does a topic sentence serve?

Tells your reader what your main point is; all the other sentences exist to prove that main point through details/examples and your concluding analysis of those details (most writers do a poor job with the last part: analysis--either simply "telling" the reader that his/her evidence proves the main (MORE)

Why does a topic sentence have to be in the beginning of a paragraph?

It's typically to let the reader know what that paragraph is going to be about. However, I know I sometimes would prefer to organize a paragraph a different way. For example, I might let several apparently unrelated details precede the topic sentence, and then use the topic sentence to tie it all to (MORE)

What does a topic sentence provide in a paragraph?

Here are three typical explanations of what a topic sentence does: 1. It gives the main idea of the paragraph. 2. It states the topic of the paragraph. 3. It tells what the paragraph will be about. If the details are appropriate we can learn the point, but weshould not have to read the paragraph to (MORE)

What is the best topic sentence for a paragraph about laptop?

There are many types of laptop computers are available on the market today from infamous brand of laptops are up to the famous laptop, from the simple laptop to the laptop that has a full feature, can be easily seen on the market. In general, if people want to have a laptop then they just go to th (MORE)

Can you give me an example of short paragraph with a topic sentence?

WikiAnswers cannot write your paragraphs for you - that would be cheating and you could be expelled for doing it! We WILL help you learn how to write your own paragraph. First, make a list of everything you know about your subject. Now decide what your paragraph will be about. Pick the most interest (MORE)

Which are the topic sentence and controlling idea in this paragraph?

At first when l read this l was so sure that the first sentence wasthe topic sentence.Then when l read it a few more times it seemedlike the last sentence is the topic sentence.Because thecontrolling idea here is "importance paid to the growing of theseplants to be used in herbal remedies".Even the (MORE)