What is the purpose of homecoming at church?

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It is a time when a person who has chosen to leaven the home church for personal reasons, spiritual or relocation gets a chance to come back to the home place where her/she first accepted Christ. At this time they get a chance to become reacquainted with the foundation that they received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and also if the Pastor who baptized them is still present they have a chance to visit with him and see some old faces that they may not have saw in some time. They also have a chance to fellowship with old friends and get perhaps feel that relationship that drew them to Christ in the beginning, it is also a time that they get to visit and see if any changes has been brought upon the church or what has been going on in the areas if one has relocated out of state. For this particular reason dome individuals may meet some new friends of the church and see how the religion has changed and the Pastor can see the growth of the individual in the faith as well over the years. Many members take this time to reflect on the personal relationship and how it has changed since their birth if findings Christ. At my home church which is a Traditional Baptist Church many members look forward to seeing the different individuals come home and see their progress in their different faiths , how they enjoy Paising God in their own way.
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