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The file extension is the three letter file type designation following a period at the end of a file name. It determines what type of file that file will be treated as.

Changing a text (.txt) document to .wmv will make the computer treat it as a Windows Media Video file and thus it will be opened with your default program for viewing .wmv format videos.
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What is a file extension?

A file extension is a three character designation that tells software about the format of the data within the file. For example, a ".rtf" file is in rich text format which req

What is the file extension for a PowerPoint file?

for PowerPoint 2003 & earlier: .ppt for PointPoint 2007 & 2010: .pptx for Macro enabled: .pptm Complete details can be found here: http://powerpoint-repair.blogspot.in/2012/09

What is the file extension for an Microsoft Excel file?

Excel saves files using a .xls extension (Excel 2003 and earlier) or .xlsx extenstion (Excel 2007 and later).

Why do files in Unix not require file extensions?

The simple answer is that Unix does not use extensions for program associations. Everything in Unix is a file, whether it is a device, a data file, or a program. In Unix it

What is the significance of file formats and file extension?

File formats and extensions are more or less the same thing. Their importance lies in identifying how to use the file. That is, having a document with the extension .doc or .d

The file extension txt means the file is?

TXT files are plain text files. They are very basic documents with minimal formatting. They can be opened and edited with notepad, wordpad, or any other word processor appli

Why do file names have file extensions?

A file extension identifies the type of data contained in the file, and enables the operating system to choose an appropriate application to open the file, without needing to

Why do you think file extension are important?

File extensions tell the computer how to read the file. For example, if a Word document didn't have the .doc at the end, the computer might use, say, iTunes to open the file.

What is the extension of corel draw file?

the extension of a CorelDraw file is .cdr You may open/read/export/recover .cdr files due to software below working with CorelDraw 10, 11, 12, X3, X4 and X5 formats files
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What does a file extension do?

The file extension is the two, three, or more letter code that is after the period in a computer file name. It is used to "tell" the computer what type of file it is and what