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The file extension is the three letter file type designation following a period at the end of a file name. It determines what type of file that file will be treated as.

Changing a text (.txt) document to .wmv will make the computer treat it as a Windows Media Video file and thus it will be opened with your default program for viewing .wmv format videos.
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What are file extensions?

A file extension is the last (usually 3) letters after the full stop. These letters define what application the file was written for e.g. filename.doc = a Microsoft word fil

What is a file extension?

A file extension is a three character designation that tells software about the format of the data within the file. For example, a ".rtf" file is in rich text format which req

What is a File extensions?

File extensions are suffixes that show what type of file it is. For example, a basic text file has the extension .txt. Sometimes they're shortened versions of the word, like .

What is the file extension for a PowerPoint file?

for PowerPoint 2003 & earlier: .ppt for PointPoint 2007 & 2010: .pptx for Macro enabled: .pptm Complete details can be found here: http://powerpoint-repair.blogspot.in/2012/

What is a file extension for a webpage file?

Here is a breif list of the 85 extentions. Take your pick my freind.. file extension !ut . uTorrent incomplete download file. file extension 1 . Mozilla Firefox cookie,

What is the extension to a file?

It tells you the format of the file. For ex. if a file is named xxx.ppt, this tells that the file is a powerpoint file. If the extension is changed, the file gets unusable. In

What is the file extension for a dtp file?

That will depend on which desktop publishing application is being used. There are lots of them and they all have their own extensions.
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What does a file extension do?

The file extension is the two, three, or more letter code that is after the period in a computer file name. It is used to "tell" the computer what type of file it is and what