What is the purpose of the file extension?

The file extension is the three letter file type designation following a period at the end of a file name. It determines what type of file that file will be treated as.

Changing a text (.txt) document to .wmv will make the computer treat it as a Windows Media Video file and thus it will be opened with your default program for viewing .wmv format videos.
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Why do files in Unix not require file extensions?

The simple answer is that Unix does not use extensions for program associations. Everything in Unix is a file, whether it is a device, a data file, or a program. In Unix it (MORE)
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What is a TGIF file extension?

A Prolog-based plain text file format used by the interactive 2-D drawing tool 'Tgif'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tgif_%28program%29
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What is the file extension of a MySQL database?

The file extension of a MySQL database is .frm I know MySQL uses several storage engines: MyISAM, InnoDB, Memory, Merge, CSV, Example and many more. In MyISAM: There are thre (MORE)

What is the file extension for plain text?

There is no answer for this, because it is the wrong question. A files extension doesn't matter to the file, it only exists so that the Operating System (OS) knows what applic (MORE)
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