What is the rasta trinity?

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Rasta doctrines concerning the Holy Trinity include stressing the significance of the name "Haile Selassie", meaning "Power of the Trinity" or "Might of the Trinity". The Bobo Shanti trinity, consists of Marcus Garvey as the Holy prophet, King Emmanuel VII as the Holy Priest and Haile Selassie as the Divine King. For the most part Rastas believe Haile Selassie to be both God the Father and God the Son, but God the Spirit lives within us.
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What is rasta?

A rasta or Rastafarian is someone who follows the religion of Rastafarianism. The Rastafarian religion originated in Africa. It is often associated with the poorer black pop

Who is in the Trinity?

The Trinity is a word that is used in Christianity. The Trinityrefers to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Who is the trinity?

Known as "The Trinity" the comedians are 3 females who currently run have their own radio show called Trinity Radio. The basis of it is to provide real talk for the entertai

What are the rasta colors?

Red for the blood that flowed Yellow for the gold that they stole Green for the land - Africa Black for the people - beautiful \n \n 14.00 \n \n \n \n \n \n\n The fl

What do rasta eat?

rasta's eat chicken, pork and maybe beef, also they eat carrots, cabbage and potatoes. Sean dixon Davis call me- house number- 202407 im hot

How do rastas worship?

They smoke weed because they believe it brings them closer to God, its a lso believed to cleanse the body and purifys it.
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What is a Rasta in the US?

Rastafari in America are diverse people from all races and many different origins - RASTAFARI is an international movement which originated in Jamaica and is named for Ethiopi
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What are Muslim Rastas?

Muslim Rastas are Muslims, generally from the African diaspora, who are politically, culturally and socially influenced by Rasta Movement but reject the theological Rastafari
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What is rasta belief?

InI believe in Jah ( short for jehovah which means god..Father,Son,Holy Spirit). Each one of InI believe differently about Emperor Haile Selassie but they all refer to him a
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Who is a rasta?

Its a unusuall genre consisting of botiboy reggae singer's. all rasta like being called botiboys.. that's were homosexuals evolved from. The dispect coloring's found on a typi