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What is the reaction of aluminium chloride and ammonia?

The balance equation between aluminium chloride and ammonium hydroxide is given by:

AlCl3 + 3NH4OH --> Al(OH)3 + 3NH4Cl

However, in the case of excess NH4OH, ammonia does form, as with many metals, NH3 complexes and double salts. With Aluminium chloride, the double salt formed, which is apparently stable to 900 C, is AlCl3.6NH3. However, if you are a chemistry student or answering a question on an AP Chem exam, you might consider ignoring this part of the answer, as I doubt this knowledge is widely known. The reaction, with excess NH3, apparently proceeds at room temperature as:

Al(OH)3 + 3 NH4Cl + 3 NH4OH --> AlCl3.6NH3 + 3 H2O
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Reaction of acid chloride to alcohol?

Acid chloride + alcohol ---> Ester + HCl i.e.;Cl of acid chloride will combine with H of alcohol to form HCl and ester is released.RCO-Cl + H-OR ---> RCOOR + HCl
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What is the reaction of benzoyl chloride with ammonia?

The benzoyl chloride will react vigorously with the ammonia in an addition-elimination reaction.   1) The lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen of the ammonia will attack (MORE)
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What is reaction between silver iodide and ammonia?

2AgI+2NH3 give you 2AgNH3 + I2.Reaction only occurs when ammonia  (NH3) is added in excess.
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