What is the relationship between price and quality?

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When the prices of goods increase,people have to spend more money to buy them and thus have less money to do othr entaertainment thus their material life will be worse.Material life is one of the aspect affects our quality of life so the changes of price actually has a close relationship with quality of life.
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What are the relationship between safety and quality in workplace?

Safety and quality performance are interlinked as they are indirect measures of the attention to detail. A business with a high rate of safety incidents is unlikely to be cons

What is the relationship between price and quantity demanded?

The relationship between price and quantity demanded is known as the demand relationship. A. The Law of Demand The law of demand states that, if all other factors remain

The relationship between price and quantity supplied is?

Mostly prices get higher when the quantity supplied is less, because if more people are willing to buy a smaller quantity, people are willing to pay more than when there's a l

What is the relationship between supply and price?

if the supply is low and the demand is high, then the price of the good will be high. if there is high supply but low demand, then the price will be low. the price of a good o

What is the relationship between productivity and quality?

Example: When you have a high quality raw material, you may have a low defect/reject. This may lead you to have high productivity. Productivity = Output / Input. Raw materi

What is the relationship between quality and productivity?

Higher quality goods take more time and labour and higher quality raw materials to produce, so a drive to greater productivity almost always means a diminution of quality. An
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Why is there an inverse relationship between demand and price?

If something is in high demand but there is a limited supply of it then the price goes up. Kinda of like the price of gasoline. There isn't a limited supply and alot alot of p
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What is a relationship between quality and safety?

Obviously , something that has no quality , would have no safety. Why do you think people buy branded goods? Just because they know that they can trust that brand , and itspro