What is the remote code for a Toshiba HD-A3?

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The answer is as follows.... From Toshiba........ Regrettably, we do not have any information about what code number or even whether or not a universal remote will work one of our products. That is, we do not know if the frequency on which our products operate will "translate" into a code number in another brand's remote or an after-market universal remote. Our remotes are pre-programmed at the factory to work our products automatically, so there is no "code number" by which they operate or need to be set up. Other remotes will have codes for different brands of products. In the remote's instructions, if "Toshiba" is listed under the product that you're trying to control, then the codes given for Toshiba would each need to be checked in order to see which, if any, are the frequency to which your particular product will respond. If there is no response, then I recommend you contact the manufacturer of the remote to see if they have another code that will work or a search method to find a working code. If you want to replace the original remote please visit the link below. This will allow you to locate a distributor nearest you. http://tacpservice.toshiba.com/ConsumerProductSupport/consumer_parts.htm
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