What is the salient features of a zero coupon issue done by any of the Indian company?

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NABARD TO ISSUE ZERO COUPON BONDS Govt. of India has permitted NABARD to issue Zero Coupon Bonds (ZCBs) to the tune of Rs. 10,000 crore. The resources raised through this bond will be channelised for crucial priority areas of agriculture and rural development. The salient features of the bonds will be as under: - The bonds will be issued at discount and repaid at face value. The face value per bond will be Rs. 20,000/- - The tenure of the bonds will be 10 years. However, investors will have option to sell it in the secondary market. - The bonds will be listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) making it a liquid investment. - The income accrued on the bonds i.e. the difference between maturity value and the amount of investment, will be treated as a capital gain and will be taxed accordingly. - No tax will be deducted at source. - The long-term maturity will allow the investor to plan for long range goals such as paying for children's education/ marriage or post retirement requirements, etc.
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What are the salient features of Antarctic Treaty?

Answer . The Antarctic Treaty came into force on http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/June_23 http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/1961 after ratification by the twelve countries then active in http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Antarctic science. The Treaty covers the area south of 60°S latitude. Its objecti (MORE)

What are the salient features of capitalism?

I would say # 1 is "Free Enterprise" meaning that all individuals are free to produce the goods and services they desire and to trade or sell them for other goods and services produced by others (either directly or via a monetary medium).

Salient features of mixed economy?

Features of Mixed Economy: (i) Private and public sector exist side by side. Thus, economic activities are carried out by individuals as well as the government. (ii) Private and public sectors are required to function in a properly coordinated manner. (iii) A part from national security, government (MORE)

What are the salient features of Indian Constitution?

There are 25 basic features of Indian constitution Salient Features of our Constitution: The Constitution of India is a lengthy written document. It is flexible to some extent. Its salient features can be understood from the following parts of the constitution: I. The Preamble II. The Arti (MORE)

What is salient features?

Salient features refers to the traits that are conspicuous andprominent. These features will stand out from the rest and aresignificantly notable.

What are the salient features of parliamentary government?

Parliamentry form of government is the most favourable system in the entire world and its brilliant attributes are as under: formation of cabinet In the very first prloceding of legislature,the PM nominates his cabinet members keeping in view certain factors. In Pakistan, one forth ministers are a (MORE)

Salient features of Indian economy?

There have been fundamental and irreversible changes in the economy, government policies, outlook of business and industry, and in the mindset of the Indians in general. 1. From a shortage economy of food and foreign exchange, India has now become a surplus one. 2. From an agro based economy it (MORE)

Salient features of a organization?

Salient features of a organization can vary greatly depending onthe individual organization. A common salient feature of allorganizations is the focus on careful examinations to maintain asuccessful and profitable organization.

What is salient feature?

Salient feature means "characteristic". Or you may interpret it as "notable feature".. e.g. The most salient feature of a bird is its wings.

What are the salient features of 1956 constitution?

Introduction: Chaudhry Muhammad Ali, the prime minister promised after taking oath that he would design a new constitution as soon as possible. So, on the idea of united Pakistan, he worked hard and a new Constitution was developed that was imposed on 23rd March, 1956. . Islamic constitution: (MORE)

Salient features of SQL?

Database Mirroring--> Extend log shipping capabilities with the database mirroring solution. You will be able to use database mirroring to enhance availability of your SQL Server systems by setting up automatic failover to a standby server. Online Restore--> With SQL Server 2005, database adm (MORE)

Are there any issues concerning zero skateboards?

\nNo way. Zero Skateboards is one of the most respected companies and brands in the industry. They also stand behind everything they make. If you ever have a problem with it, any problems at all, they'll replace it! I've been riding Zero boards for 10 years and love them.

What are the salient Features of indirect tax?

Shifting of tax burden commodity taxasation In indirect taxes, the ability of tax payer is indirectly determined. the tax payer dose not percive adirect pinch while paying indirect taxes. indirect taxes are easier to collect and greater amount of of generation of revenue is assured as tax ev (MORE)

Salient features of ASAP?

The goal of the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is to prevent accidents and incidents by identifying unsafe practices and correcting them. The program's strategy is to create a nonpunitive environment through enforcement-related incentives for employees to report safety issues, even though the (MORE)

What are the salient features of the Tundra region?

This region is consists on the estreme.Northern areas of the Asia,Europe and America.The salient features re as follow: 1)Frozen desert 2)Long winter 3)Short minerl resources 4)Special physical conditions. -Mishaal Shahzad, student of class 8th at C.B.C.C,Karachi,Pakistan

Critically examine the salient features of indian constitution?

Salient Features of our Constitution: The Constitution of India is a lengthy written document. It is flexible to some extent. Itssalient features can be understood from the following parts of theconstitution: 1. Preamble 2. Written Constitution 3. Longest Constitution 4. Partly Ri (MORE)

The salient features of competition act 2002?

1) competition commission of india to be established. 2) repeal of MRTP act and dissolution of MRTPC. 3) pre-merger notification made optional. 4) prohibition of abuse of dominant position. 5) pending cases of MRTPC to be transferred to CCI 6) competition fund to be created. 7) pending unfair trade (MORE)

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Administrative law refers to a body of law that regulates theoperation of governmental agencies. The salient features ofadministrative law are the procedures under which these agenciesoperate as well as external constraints upon them.

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Definition of e-governance:- E-Governance refers to the application of electronic means in governance with an aim of fulfilling the requirements of common man at affordable costs and in fastest possible time. Salient features of e-governance:- e-Governance uses electronic means in internal governmen (MORE)

What are salient features of developing economy?

These economies are the mid-point between developed and undeveloped economy. It has got the features of both the developed and undeveloped economies. Developing economies refer to India, Pakistan, Brazil, Indonesia and etc. Important features Dominance of agricultural sector: Major source of inc (MORE)

What are the salient features of management?

1. Management is a universalprocess: The basic principles of management are universalin character. They apply more or less in every situation. HenryFayol pointed out that the fundamentals of management are equallyapplicable in different organizations, business, government,military and others. The (MORE)

Salient features of the English language?

salient features of english language is its extraordinary receptive and heterogeneousness -the varied ease and readiness with it has accepted material from almost everywhere in the world and has digested it.another features is simplicity of infiection,and its relatively fixed word order

What is nehru report salient features 1928?

The "Nehru Report" (august 1928) was a memorandum outlining a proposed new Dominion constitution for India. It was prepared by a committee of the All Parties Conference chaired by Motilalnehru with his son Jawaharlal acting as secretary. There were nine other members in this committee including two (MORE)

What are the salient features of the 8051 microcontroller?

80C51 based architecture with 8-bit CPU. . Processor with support Boolean operations on bits. . Integrated Program Memory 8K × 8 EPROM (87C52 case). . No internal program memory ROMless (case 80C32). . Internal RAM of 256 x 8. . Three meters of 16-bit timers (counter / timers). . A ch (MORE)

What are the salient features on a ping pong ball?

For authorised 3 star table tennis balls, the stamp on the ball must include the following four components: . The ITTF Approval. This may be indicated by the initials ITTF or ITTFA, or by the words "ITTF approved", or by using the ITTF logo . the trademark or brand name . the inscription "40" or (MORE)

What were salient features of Wood's despatch?

Wood`s Despatch on Education in 1854 laid the foundation on which the educational system has since developed. Various problems related to education in India had become one of the key concerns of the British government by 1853. In order to provide a solution, the secretary of state of that time, Sir (MORE)

What are the salient features of british Constitution?

A constitution is a set of laws on how a country is governed. The British Constitution is unwritten in one single document, unlike the constitution in America or the proposed European Constitution, and as such, is referred to as an unclassified constitution in the sense that there is no single docum (MORE)

What are the salient features of Indian culture?

Some of the salient features of Indian culture include common corevalues with respect for older people and those in charge. They alsohave a tendency to put education first before anything and parentswill try to get their children as educated as possible. They arealso a diverse people, but are still (MORE)

What are the salient features of Hire Purchase?

Ownership rests with the seller until all the installments have been paid. It is an arrangement between seller and buyer of goods, normally consumer appliances, wherein the buyer agrees to pay the price over a period of time, in agreed installments, along with finance cost.

What are the salient features of Greek tragedy?

choruses, heroes of high rank, dramatic irony (as the audience knows the story but the characters do not know), hamartia (a tragic flaw which leads to the destruction of the hero, a proper start, beginning, and end ,anagnorisis, catharsis etc.

What are the salient features of the constitution of USA?

Q.1.Features of U.S. Constitution Introduction and Evolution The present Federal government of U.S.A came into being in the year of 1789.The United States comprised of thirteen colonies of Great Britain. In the year 1776, these colonies at the Atlantic Coast rebelled against the mother country a (MORE)

What are the salient features of War poetry?

Roberto D'liatori was a renowned war poet from Italy. He was most prominent from 1914-16 and his most notable work was a poem called 'To Die In This Smoke'. Another poet, often known as his successor, was a French poet called Pierre Bernard. Active for just one year during the war, he was famous for (MORE)

Salient features of the 8051 microcontroller?

80C51 based architecture with 8-bit CPU. . Processor with support Boolean operations on bits. . Integrated Program Memory 8K × 8 EPROM (87C52 case). . No internal program memory ROMless (case 80C32). . Internal RAM of 256 x 8. . Three meters of 16-bit timers (counter / timers). . A ch (MORE)

What is the meaning of salient features?

Salient features mean noticeable, clear to see or obvious features. As an application example: "In his letter , he claimed that he just wanted to say hello, but the more salient message to me was that he was lonely and badly needed a friend to talk to."

What are the salient features of the hotel industry?

The hospitality industry consists of companies within the food services,accommodations, recreation, and entertainment sectors.The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends onthe availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as arestau (MORE)

What were salient features of Babylonic and Assyrian civilization?

Babylonic Civilization and its salient features: Babylonia was an ancient cultural region in central-southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), with Babylon, and later Seleucia-Ctesiphon(Māhōzē) as its capital. Babylonia emerged as a major power when Hammurabi (1792- 1752 BC or fl. ca (MORE)

What are the salient features of government company?

Government Companies are formed to protect public interest, with noprofit motivation behind them. Though Government Companies havehuge employment potential, sometimes they become white elephants,thereby a drain of the public exchequer.

What are the salient features of the constitution of U K?

The UK has no Constitution, written or unwritten- it's not like the US in that respect, it's inhabitants are just expected to obey the law, that's all. There are some rules pertaining to the way that Parliament operates, but these apply to the modus operandi of Government and not to society at lar (MORE)

What is a zero coupon?

A zero coupon is, in a financial sense, a security which does notpay interest periodically.