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The dependent variable might be termed the "ordinate".

The dependent variable in an experiment is the data you are collecting.

When some variable depends on other variables, it is called the dependent variable. For example, the temperature of something will depend on how long you heat it, and the on the rate of heat input via a flame or something. The temperature would be a dependent variable, because it depends on the time and fuel input to the flame (independent variables). Sometimes written like y=function of x and z, or y=f(x,z).
Here y is the dependent variable.

You could then ask how much time it would take to get to a specified temperature. from that point of view, the time taken would depend on the input to the flame and the specified temperature. In that case the dependent variable in the problem is the time taken, since it depends on the other terms, now regarded as the independent variables since you are specifying them as inputs to the problem.
<<>> Dependent variables are also sometines described as exogenous variables.
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