What is the secondary dns?

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The reason why there are primary and secondary DNS addresses is for redundancy. If the first (primary) DNS server cannot be accessed for host resolution the secondary DNS server address is used as a fallback. Usually your ISP or preferred DNS host would provide you with both.
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How do you find what your primary and secondary DNS is on your computer?

Go to the Command Prompt . Type " ipconfig /all " (minus the quotes) . Find your DNS servers in the list and write it down. To find the Command Prompt on a Windows Vista

How do you find Secondary dns?

1. Press Start (bottom left) + Run 2. Type in the run window "cmd" 3. Type in "ipconfig /all" (there's a space after ipconfig) 4. Look at DNS Servers (near bottom).

What is your primary DNS server and your secondary DNS sever?

Hello, This will depend on where you choose to host your DNS. If you have not modified your DNS (or name) servers, then chances are that your DNS is currently hosted with y

Where can you find primary and secondary dns?

This differs a little bit from operating system to operating system but I will assume you are working with Windows. If so then click on the Windows start button on the bottom

What is primary dns and secondary dns?

it is a small personal code for your computer and other home appliances you can find it by clicking run on the start menu then type command and press enter then type inpgof. h

How can you find your primary DNS and secondary DNS?

In a command window type: "ipconfig /all" (without the quotation marks but with a space in front of the slash) there you can read a number of things such as IP number, MAC add

How do you find primary and secondary DNS number?

IF the DNS is already confiruged in the network then 1. on command prompt type IPCONFIG /all will give you the IP of both DNS servers 2. check the TCPIP properties of NIC(e
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How do you get the primary dns and secondary dns information from a wireless router?

Usually you would find a considerable amount of information via your Wireless Router administrator panel. You can access that by: Start > Run > Cmd > ipconfig/all Copy your
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Where can one find more information on a secondary DNS server?

You can find information on a secondary DNS server online at websites such as Tech Support Alert and Gizmo's Tech Support. The major selling point in operating a secondary DNS