What is the state motto of Louisiana?

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Union, justice, and confidence.
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Why is the state of Louisiana named Louisiana?

Louisiana was named for King Louis XIV of France. In 1682, the French explorer Sieur de La Salle sailed from the OhioRiver to the mouth of the Mississippi River, and claimed

What is the motto of Louisiana?

The motto for the state of Louisiana is Union, Justice, andConfidence. The capitol of this state is Baton Rouge and the stateflower is the magnolia.

What is Louisianas motto?

the motto for the state of Louisiana is union, justice, confidence.It is not known the exact origin of this motto. it is recognized inthe official pledge of allegiance to Loui

Why was the Louisiana state motto chosen?

Oddly enough, this motto (Union, Justice, Confidence) comes from1812 State Governor William C.C. Claiborne and the soon to be StateBird, the Brown Pelican. The Pelican would

Was The Louisiana Purchase about the state of Louisiana?

Not entirely. The Louisiana Purchase included a huge swath of land west of the Mississippi River -- the Louisiana Territory (French Le Louisiane ) was nearly as large as the

Is the motto of Louisiana?

motto is "Union, Justice, and Confidence." they have also used the slogan 'Fall in love with Louisiana all over again'