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What is the state of equilibrium in biology?

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A condition in which the concentration of a substance is equal throughout a space.
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How is a state of equilibrium reached in diffusion?

Answer . By molecules moving around randomly until they are spaced equidistantly apart.

What are the 3 states of equilibrium in physics?

Original Answer: When we say equilibrium, it is a state of balance. Meaning thesummation of all forces in a system is equal to zero and the threestates of equilibrium are; sta

What is State of equilibrium?

The simplest answer is a state of equilibrium exists when thingsare in balance. Physical, emotional, political, etc. It is the state of a body at which the resultant forces a

What is equilibrium in biology?

If something is said to be in equilbrium it means that is in its optimum environment and that it is functioning as efficently as possible. All the things that an organism need

State the condition of rotational equilibrium?

sum of clockwise torque= sum of anti clockwise torque. IN otherwords sum of all torque is equal to zero. if a body is at rest(not rotating) or moving with constant angular vel

How many states of equilibrium are?

there are two types of equilibrium are: 1. static (at rest position) 2. dynamic (in uniform motion)
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Explain when a matter is in a state of equilibrium?

It is in equilibrium when the two conditions are satisfied - there is no net translational equilibrium and no net rotational equilibrium. For translational equilibrium, the su
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Why at equilibrium state reaction does not stop?

At equilibrium, the reactants produce product and the product converts into the reactant. There is no change the concentration of reactants and products due to the same rate o