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What is the style of pugin's houses of parliament?

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Gothic revival
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How many Parliament houses are in Queensland?

The only Parliament House in Queensland is the Queensland State Parliament House in Brisbane, on Alice Street.   Queensland Parliament is made up of a single house, the Leg

How many rooms are in Parliament house?

Approximately 4700 rooms: you have too go there to find out for sure. This is for the recent AUSTRALIAN parliament. Here is some other info: Parliament House was opened in

The House of Lords is the House of Parliament?

The House of Lords is also referred to as the 'Upper House' or 'Upper Chamber' of the Houses of Parliament. Which is comprised of two 'Houses'. Firstly the House of Lords, and

What is the upper house of parliament called?

The upper house of parliament is called The House of Lords. It is also known as the House of Peers for ceremonial purposes.

What is the name of the bell on the House of Parliament?

The bell in the tower at the houses of parliament in London, England is "Big Ben". It was named after the man who commissioned the building works, Sir Benjamin Hall when it wa

Who is architect of parliament house of India?

The building was designed by two famous architects- Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker-who were responsible for the planning and construction of New Delhi. The Foundatio

How do people get elected for the houses of Parliament?

If you want to become a member of parliament you have to have certain requirement. · You must be 18 or older · You must be a citizen of the UK, a commonwealth country or th

What is US parliament house name?

The US parliament house is commonly referred to as the Congress. There are also two parts of Congress: The House which consists of a number representatives from every state ba