What is the the meaning of samuha madhyama?

What is the the meaning of samuha madhyama?
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What is mean?

The mean is when you add up a certain amount of numbers and get your total.Then you divide the total by how many numbers you counted.Then you get your MEAN.  Also it means ru… (MORE)

What is the meaning of ME?

There are more than a hundred definitions for the acronym ME. The most common use in the US is the postal abbreviation for the state of Maine. In a dictionary, it can denote M… (MORE)

What does their mean?

  "Their" means "belonging to them."The homophone of there/their/they're    There refers  to some place.  Their is the  possessive pronoun of them or themselves. … (MORE)

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How do you get a mean?

  The mean is the same thing as average. To get the mean you add together all of the numbers in the set. Then, you divide by the total amount of numbers that were added … (MORE)