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What is the time between Christmas and New Year called?

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Christmas week is a name for the time between Christmas and New Year. It may begin with Christmas Eve celebrations. It may end with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations.
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What do Sikhs call Christmas time?

Sikhs call Christmas time Christmas time. Why would they call it anything else? If you are wondering if Sikhs celebrate Christmas,some do for cultural reasons in western count

What is the difference between Christmas and New Years?

  The difference between Christmas and New Year's is this:   Christmas is the holiday on the 25th of December, where people give presents to each other,symbolizing the

What is the connection between Christmas and New Year?

  There is very little connection. Christmas is celebrated mostly by Christians, but New Years is not limited to any religious group, and is acknowledged worldwide.  

What is the difrenc e between Christmas and Chinese New Year?

Well first off, they are completely different things. One celebrates it on Dec. and the other in the 'new years' time. Christmas is a day of celebrating the birth of Jesus Ch