What is the top speed for a 49cc pocket bike?

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about 30-45 depemds on gas/oil mixture tire pressure weight and the bike
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How can you make your 49cc pocket bike faster?

Answer . \nOne way to make a 49cc pocketbike faster is to get a performance airfilter, or a new muffler, or a new carbureator.\n. \nYou can find all kinds of parts for po

How do you bore out an exhaust on a 49cc pocket bike?

Answer just take of the whole exhaust inlcluding the head which is the pipe leading to the engine, take that all of. your bike will be loud as maybe even to load but it will

How do you make a 49cc pocket bike quietier?

Ive tried this before and had some success, however by decreasing the decibels you inherently lose power. lol but its cheap and semi easy to do. Little welding needed. Fab o

Is a 49cc pocket bike good?

If I answered NO, would that satisfy you? I don't think so. A 49cc Scooter is capable of going up to 35 mph. This means that in most states you must possess a valid drivers li

How do you start a 49cc pocket bike?

What you do is turn you white nozzle facing up and your choke all the way up. wait five minutes to warm up and then while its running turn your choke down.

How to repair the forks of a 49cc pocket bike?

Did you dump your bike. Hahaha Lolz XD :) Anyways you will probably have to order new ones from the manufacturer and put all unbrocken parts from the old fork on the new one a
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Can you drive a 49cc pocket bike in grass?

you can drive it in grass without a license, but you need to stay on your on property or on someone else's property WITH PERMISSION! but stay off the roads cause you can get a
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How fast does 49cc pocket bike go?

If you're talking about the "mini-moto" type miniature motorcycles, they typically will go about 40 - 45 mph, possibly a little faster in some cases. When you're riding one, t