What is the top speed of a 1985 Honda 200S?

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I have a 1984 honda 200s that is all stock execpt a dg exhust and it runs 58mph
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Honda Prelude top speed?

Answer . stock jdm preludes get close to there 7400rpm redline on a flat road in still conditions. just over 230kmph or 147mph. stands for a 1992 si vtec manual only. autos will be significantly slower.

What parts can you get for a 92 Honda Civic si to improve accel or top speed within 200 bucks?

haha with 200 bucks you wont get much. 1- fast 2-cheap 3-dependable chose 2 of the three that you would like to have and the one that is left is something you will not have in a car. but to answer your question the top if not governed by the computer is governed by the final gear in your tranny. if (MORE)

What is the top speed for Honda s2000?

actually, the highest speed is 281 Km/h (check video on yuotube : S2000 top speed) The governed top speed for U.S. AP1 S2000 is 138mph, approximately @8500 rpm in 5th gear.

Top speed of a Honda 230?

A Honda top speed will in general top out at 70- 75 mph, depending on conditions and rider weight.

What is the top speed of a Honda XR 200 R?

The Honda XR 200R is a dual-sports bike. It can be used for enduro runs, motocross, or even cross-country racing (where it would excel among other 200 cc. motorcycles of the same type, given a very good rider as pilot). The fastest it can go, however, is written all over its speedometer : a top spee (MORE)

Top speed on Honda 90?

I think the top speed of a 1960's Honda 90 is about 65mph. The size of the rider is a big factor, pardon the pun, also conditions like wind and grade. This is all within reason I am sure that the go like hell when you toss them out of a plane. 65mph is based off a 150lbs rider.

Honda 400ex top speed?

65 to 70 if well maintaned and aftermarket parts Don't listen to this guy, bone stock 75 miles an hour. My cousin's a cop and we used her radar gun one day down at the farm with my 300ex and it did 67mph, the only diff is I'm running on different gear ratio.

Honda rebel top speed?

The top speed of the Honda Rebel motorcycle, is listed as 110 milesper hour. You can make adjustments to the fuel injector pump toincrease the top speed.

What is the top speed for a Honda 500?

i assume you mean the cr500. i have one and it all depends on the gearing(sprocket size) if you ran a small rear and large front and had enough ba**s it could push 180 but typically id say 78-80 mph. but it gets there fast!!! its the adrenaline rush of a lifetime wide open on a 500. its pretty close (MORE)

What is the top speed of the Honda CB1000R?

So far I have done 251 KPH that is equivalent to about 156 MPH. That's what the clock shows, I didn't check with a GPS unit so I can't tell you the real speed, but I was carrying a BIG Bagster backpack and a heavy winter jacket and I think she could have gone little bit further but the wind was un (MORE)

Top speed of a ktm 200?

I have a 52 tooth back sprocket on mine to give it more take off and it can still do about 90 km/h max

What is The top speed of a Honda melody 50cc?

aparently 27mph. WOW SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDY! :P My melody hits 33mph, though i believe my speedo is inaccurate and in fact my melody is a few mph quicker like 35/36mph. Its fast enough on those tiny brakes and 80's springs, though through use of a Honda vision CDI unit the rev (MORE)

What is top speed of a Honda trx90x?

The Honda trx90x is restricted to a top speed of 23 mph. However,if the restrictor plate is removed, it can reach speeds of up to 43mph though that is not recommended.

What is the top speed of a 1985 Celica supra?

BS: I had an '85 Celica GT back in '87-92: car would do 120mph: that's it. Would do it nearly fully weighted, or nearly empty, but NOT 130 or 150. Heck, my '85 supra could barely do 130mph. I got mine up to 150 it registers at 130, but i couldn't go any faster out of fear. My foot was only a a thir (MORE)

What is the top speed of a 87 Honda vfr700?

There was a model called the Interceptor which could do 149 mph. I had one back in the day. Great bike. I got up to 135 on the highway one dumb night and I still had a little throttle left.

What is the top speed of a Honda recon 250?

i had one just before i got my 400ex and it was a 2006 model i believe and it was all stock except i replaced the axle barrens a couple times and i toped it out at about 45 to 50 on pavement

What is the top speed for a Honda shadow vlx?

It'll go about 32 ft per second squared if you drop it off a cliff! Going down the road under power, speeds much over 75 are uncomfortable. This bike is best ridden under 65 MPH.

What is top speed for a Honda goldwing?

I have a 2005 Gold Wing. The highest speed I've done is an indicated 138 mph on the speedometer, which was actually 130 mph on the GPS. This was on a flat road, altitude probably less than 1000', and temp about 80 deg. The bike was still accelerating when I closed the throttle.

What the top speed for a 1985 Honda shadow 700?

I had my 1985 700 Honda shadow topped out at 124mph. It didn't matter if it was in 5th or 6th gear it was 124mph throttle pulled all the way back for at least a minute at 124mph. I was racing a 1980 Z28 C amaro when I did this on a cool October night. I owned a 2006 Kawasaki 750 Vulcan and the top (MORE)

What is the top speed of a Honda cr125r?

This has been estimated as 63 mph on the stock model but greaterspeeds have been recorded. Higher speeds are only possible withconsiderable sprocket size modification.