What is the top speed of a cat-eye pocket bike?

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they go from 28-30 mph

if modded they can reach 40 mph
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What is dirt bikes top speed?

Well it really depends on what size of dirt bike you get. For example: if you get a 50cc bike it will mabe go 20mph, but if you get a 450 it could go from 50 to 60 mph. so to

Top speed of a MotoGP bike?

The official top speed of a MotoGP bike is 349.228kph (~216.55mph). It was set in Mugello by Dani Pedrosa in 2009. The previous record of 343kph was held by Makoto Tamada at t

What is the top speed of a 50cc dirt bike?

it depends on what sort of motorbike u get heres a listing GEOVANIE: 45-55mph YAMAHA:65mph HONDA:55-67mph KAWASAKI:55-70mph heres a listing of 49cc speeds geovani: 45-49mph

What is the top speed for a dirt bike?

125cc 4-stroke is about 50mph 125cc 2-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 4-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 2-stroke is about 100-120mph 450cc 4-stroke is about 100-120mph 500cc

Top speed of a kx250 dirt bike?

I have a 1986 kx 250 and I need to replace some engine parts. Which years kx's are compatable with my 1986 kx 250? THANK YOU! Joe Enos enosknows@gmail.com
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What is the top speed of a 150cc quad bike?

Speed (MPH) is completely different to cc's (CUBIC)! The top speed depends on the tires, gears, your own weight and the weight of your ride. Good Luck finding out ;) that depe
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How do you make your pocket bike go it's fastest speed?

A governor exists to limit your speed on level ground to about 30 MPH. This was done for safety reasons, and so that riding/driving a pocket bike doesn't require the operator