What is the top speed of a whippet dog?

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about 60km/h (37mp/h)
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Why did men have dogs called whippets in Ireland in the 1800s?

The Whippet first appeared in England from carefully selected crosses of small English greyhounds and certain terriers. The "Snap Dog" was a favourite of Welsh coal miners who

What is the top speed a greyhound dog?

The top speed recorded of a greyhound dog was taken in Australia March 3rd 2004. "Cheetah" , the amazing greyhound was clocked at a top speed of 84 MPH (wind assisted).

Are whippets protective dogs?

In my experience whippets tend to be more quiet and shy and can lack the confidence that guarding breeds can have.
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What dog is better better grey hound or a whippet?

I depends I have a whippet who is knee hight and is easy in the car and is small but can get a bit excited (he is young though) but grey hounds are very docile but and big and
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Where can one adopt a whippet dog?

A Whippet dog can be adopted through many channels which you can adopt normal dogs. Please take care and know that many strays are looking for a good home and puppy mills are