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What is the total amount of deaths in the Vietnam war?

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US deaths were over 58,000 men. For totals for other nations, see website: Vietnam War.
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How many lives were lost in the Vietnam War in total?

  Sixty-three thousand Americans were lost yet I have not a clue of how many Vietnamese were lost. Although, it must be close to what the a Americans lost. The total war

How many people died in total in the Vietnam War?

 about 58,000 people died in total.   CORRECTION: If you consider Vietnamese to be people, you can tack on another 1.1 million North Vietnamese deaths. Which still does

What were the total casualties in vietnam war?

  During the conflict, approximately 3.2 million Vietnamese were killed, in addition to another 1.5 million to 2 million Lao and Cambodians who were drawn into the war. 

What was the total amount of troops sent to Vietnam by the end of the war?

  By the end of the war, approximately 2,594,000 US Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen had served IN COUNTRY, in the Vietnam War.   By the end of t

What was the total death count in world war 2?

The actual total death count for World War II will never be known.  The estimates range from 50 million people to 80 million or more.  Military deaths, including those who d

Which state had the most deaths per capita in the Vietnam War?

  Statistics for US servicemen killed in the Vietnam War are still being adjusted for the 21st century; data from the end of the 20th century, for the HIGHEST STATE Viet W

What is the total of deaths in World War 2?

Sources numbers are very different. They range greatly. Some claim only 50 million died, but Wikipedia claims 72 Million. Other sources hold numbers in between, but 60 Million

Why was the Vietnam War considered a total war?

The concept of Total War is one in which both sides of the war (in this case, the United States and the state of South Vietnam versus the Vietcong insurgents backed by the sta

What was the Worst one day for deaths in Vietnam War?

Most historians might be inclined to say the Tet Offensive of '68; things got pretty rough during that time period...weekly US casualties were very high. But the Battle of th

What was the main cause of deaths in the Vietnam war?

Approximately 18,618 US servicemen were killed by gunfire (small arms) in Vietnam. About 8,456 men were killed by artillery, mortar, and rocket shrapnel. It's unknown which ca