What is the traditional dress and food of lakshadweep?

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sea food and halal meat is thetraditional food of lakhadweep and tradional dress is lungi, kachi and trousers.
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Traditional dresses in Egypt?

Answer . Peasant women would wear a gallebaya outdoors but in the city gallibaya tended to be worn only indoors. For public wear a woman would wear a wide woman's dress called a tob sebleh. . Wide trousers were worn as underclothing gathered below knee and falling to ankles. . The woman's kaftan was called a yelek. This was lined, with the neck open to breast and buttoned or laced along side seams for shaping. It had high side slit over trousers. Girded with shawl. Women would wear a shirt under the yelek, and a djubbeh or binnish over it. . In Alexandria and Cairo, women would also wear the melaya luf - a large rectangular wrap worn for modesty, warmth, and used to carry things. . City women often worn a bur`a - a long rectangular face veil either of white cotton or open weave - and a headscarf (sometimes over a skullcap - taqiyah). Another headcovering was the mandil (headscarf) sometimes decorated with pom poms. Among the fellahin a bag like hattah was sometimes worn. .

What is the traditional dress of Canada?

Answer . Canada does not have a traditional or national dress as such. In the northern regions, or frankly anywhere it gets cold, Canadians wear parkas, long john's (an undergarment, basically long underwear), tuques (woolen caps), scarves, ear muffs, and various jackets that can be made with down lining or leather. Inuit and other Native Indians have their own highly developed traditional wear that is made of leather skins and furs. Some Canadians own moccasins for use as slippers or around the yard outdoor wear. In the summer most anything goes, Canadians just want to stay cool as it can get quite hot. Stereotypically, Canadians are associated with plaid jackets, or "lumberjack shirts" which are in fact used in the country and by hunters and in more remote regions whose inhabitants are more concerned with staying alive and warm than being fashionable.. Traditional clothing includes socks, leggings, ojibwa shirts, trousers, moccasins or boots, gloves, mittens, and parkas.

Maori traditional dress?

Depended on where you were situated and what materials were available to you.. If you had flax nearby or the resources necessary to weave, then you wore woven cloaks etc.. If you had access to wild animals then you wore skins from those animals.. The bird was far too small but their feathers were used to adorn 'clothing'.

What is the traditional dress of Zimbabwe?

Anything pretty much goes really. For the younger generation we have the same dress code as in the western and European countries, on the other hand over the years we've picked up clothing from various African countries such as Zambia's (which is a material that has unique artistic designs printed on it) this dress dress code is usually mainly for the adults.

What is the traditional dress of Mexico?

Traditionally, the woman's outfit was a skirt, a "huipil" (asleeveless tunic), a "quechquémitl" (a cape) and a "rebozo" (ashawl).Men's clothing started with the basic combination oftrousers and shirt, and they added a cape called a "serape."Mexicans had particular outfits and styles for certain holidays andcelebrations, including the "charro" suit worn for Carnival. The"charro" is a decorative, highly embroidered suit teamed with themost famous Mexican accessory of all, the sombrero hat.

What is the traditional dress in Venezuela?

For work, school, play and everyday life, people dress just like in the US. But the folkloric tradition is as follows: . The most common for men is the "Liquiliqui" . . . an all-white suit-like, with a high neckline. Search Simon Diaz, he is almost always dressed this way in formal pictures. A variation is white pants and a white shirt with a red scarf tied around the neck in a triangle, that falls on the shoulder/back. There are other simplistic "campesino" outfits, but they all wear "apargatas" ~ a sandle of sorts, black yarn on the top and rubber/leather sole. . For women, the formal dress is a colorful, full flowing skirt, cut on the bias, an off the shoulder blouse, with one layer of ruffle across the chest and shoulders and a pony-tail to the side with a habiscus flowers in the hair, near the ear. The skirt length varies from tea-length to floor legnth; but it is always full/wide and you hold the sides in your hands, stretched out or on the hips. The variation includes printed skirts and colorful blouses. . There are other indiginous and farmers clothing.

What is the traditional dress of US?

There is no such thing One could argue that a traditionally cut suit and tie is the closest thing Americans have to traditional dress. The American cut of the suit is called a sack suit. It's not that flattering to the body. I say stay away.

What is France's traditional dress code?

France does not really have a traditional dress code now. They wearbasically the same as Westerners. However France does seem to comeout with all of the latest fashions first.

What is the traditional dress in Panama?

The Pollera is the traditional dress in Panama. . the people in panama sress in colonial dress. . on speacial occasians the girls where beautiful gowns . they usually create a little dance too .

What is the traditional dress of New Zealand?

The traditional dress comes from the clothing of the Maori's, the native group originally living in New Zealand. They wore grass skirts with colored strands attached. They often wore greenstone necklaces or earrings. Maori textiles are part of the traditional types of clothing in New Zealand. This includes Maori garments and cloaks. There were two main types of Maori garments: A knee length kilt-like garment worn around the waist and secured by a belt, and a rectangular garment worn over the shoulders. This might be a cape-like garment or a long cloak-like garment of finer quality(Wikipedia). Intricately decorated cloaks were an important item of dress for individuals of high status within Maori society. There were many of different types of fine cloaks worn by the Maoris, including korowai, kaitaka, kahu huruhuru and kahu kurī (Wikipedia). Pake was a rain cloak made from tags of raw flax or Cordyline partly scraped and set in close rows attached to the muka, or plaited fibre base (Wikipedia).

What is the traditional dress of Iraq?

Traditional Iraqi clothing for men consists of a head cloth andankle-length robes with long sleeves. For women, veils are wornafter their first menstrual period along with a dark robe thatcovers the body from head to toe.

What is the traditional dress in Honduras?

The most representative dress in Honduras is the Intibucá costume,which usually consist about a white handmade dress decorated with avariety of colors of crochet thread or fabric. The costume for menconsist in a white dress pant and shirt usually handmade too, and ared scarf around the neck

What is the traditional brazilian dress?

Brazil doesn't really have a specific "traditional" kind ofclothing. Any "traditional" clothing would be VERY specific toregion.The closest thing we would have that applies for the wholecountry would be the clothing worn for Festa Junina (literally,"Party that takes place in June", or "June Party"). Girls wear bright older-style dresses (though any simple styledresses will do, especially with a floral pattern), usually withcolourful patches here and there. Their hair is usually either indouble braids or pigtails (neither of which are typically worn inan everyday setting). Some people decorate the pigtails or braidswith colourful ribbons. if they wear a hat, it is usually simpleand made of straw. Makeup -wise, girls put excessive blush on their cheeks and useblack eyeliner to draw three or four dots on each cheek. Theirshoes are simple, and usually accompanied by white shin-high socks. Both female and male enthusiasts for the holiday often also blackena few of their teeth. They may also use the eyeliner to draw a fakeunibrow on themselves. Boys usually dress in checkered button-up shirts, possiblysuspenders, and also have colourful patches on their shirts and/orpants. If they are wearing a hat, it is usually simple and made ofstraw, or sometimes cowboy hats. Little boys often get fake mustaches drawn on with eyeliner.

How do traditional geisha dress?

Geisha always wear beautiful, high quality, expensive silk kimono, a white collared naga juban (under kimono), and a carefully selected obi. With zori shoes and tabi socks. Their kimono will always match the season, time of the year, and occasion in which they are to attend that day.

What is the traditional dress of Zambia?

Zambia has 73 tribes. Many of these do not have a traditional dress. They wear animal skins, strips/pieces of cloth, beads, traditional rattles, etc for their traditional ceremonies. However, a chitenge, which is an African coton material is worn often as a traditional outfit. This is the norm throughout Africa. There are some tribes like the Lozi who have traditional outfits. The wear flared dresses (both men and women) which are called musisi. The styles for men and women are different of course. The men wear a flared skirt with a waistcoat made of African print. The men also wear this with a traditional cotton hat, which is commonly red in colour. Because of many tribes that don't have a traditional dress per se, it is taken that the Zambian national dress is a misisi. Sometimes senior government officials or other influential people will wear a musisi to grace a special occassion. There are other traditional outfits but they are not so commonly seen unless they are worn by their chief/chieftainess at a traditonal ceremony. I don't know what these other outfits are called.

What is the traditional dress of Poland?

The traditional dress of Poland depends on the region. The women wear floral skirts either green, red, blue, or white. They wear a white apron around their skirts and a crown of flowers or hats on their head. dresses are made of silky fabrics and decorated with embriodery or ribbons. these dresses are still worn for weddings or folk dances.

What is the traditional dress of hasidic Jews?

Hasidic men traditionally wear white shirts with dark vests as a second layer, topped with a long dark colored jacket. Dark long pants, white or black socks and black leather shoes are also worn. Black velvet or rabbit fur hats are worn over the 'Kippah' (skullcap) if unmaried and large brown, round furry hats are worn once the male has been married. Also, the beard and side locks (side burns) are never trimmed or shaved. Hasidic women wear wigs with hats or kerchiefs on top (once married). Long sleeved dresses or shirts and skirts must end below the knees. Tights or stockings are usually worn as well. Pants are never worn. It is not uncommon for them to adorn themselves with jewelry and perfumes. Habad Hassidic men have slightly different dress. Black fedora's are worn over skulllcaps. White or light colored button-down shirts are worn under blazers. Long pants are worn (never shorts). Beards are never trimmed or shaved like the rest of the Hasidim, but the long side-locks are not grown. Habad women wear wigs (once married). Shirts, skirts and dresses that do not extend past their elbows and knees. Pants are never worn. Jewelery, perfume and manicured nails are a common sight.

What is the traditional dress of french Guiana?

The traditional dress of French Guiana is a western-style basedlook that goes in line with the French style of dresses but issuitable for tropical climates. These dresses have light colors andwith short sleeves.

What is the traditional dress of Kenya?

Because Kenya consists of about 70 different ethnic groups(tribes), they do not have a style that is 'national or traditional Kenyan clothing.' Certain tribes have different ways of dressing. There is so much diversity in Kenya. A lot of Kenyan women prefer to dress modestly. Thighs and breasts are considered private areas, and should be covered. Many city girls however wear very tight, revealing clothing. While visiting Kenya, you should respect their views on modesty(in my opinion), i.e. dress modestly. Women should avoid wearing tight and revealing clothing.

What is traditional dress for zimbabawe?

most people wear modern, western clothing. traditional clothing includes a headdress, a wraparound cloth, and bracelets, earrings, and/or necklaces. it's usually for holidays or ceremonies. (from http:/www.everyculture.com/wc/Tajikistan-to-Zimbabwe/Zimbabweans.html) hope this helped! :)

How do the traditional geisha's dress?

Traditional Geisha always wear their hair in a traditional styled updo, or wig. And carefully planned kanzashi (hair accessories) and kimono. Their kimono, obi, and kanzashi will always match the season, and event in which they are to attend. In the link below you can see photos of a traditional Geisha.

What is traditional foods?

Traditional foods are foods that are unique to a certain culture, such as sushi for Japan, and spicy crayfish dishes for Louisiana.

How do traditional balinese peoplr dress?

In the house, Balinese men wear a sarong (similar to a skirt)Outside the house, Balinese men wear western clothing. Balinese women wear a kamben lembaran (a type of sarong) and wear aselempot. (a sash) (Traditionally of course)

Traditional dress of South Africa?

Well...its longer than a shirt, but it doesnt stick you legs like pants or shorts. Its kind of like a shirt and skirt together. Oh a South African dress? Well I hear Google Images is just great for that kind of thing.

What is the Traditional Sikh Way of Dress?

Many Sikhs wear traditional clothing, especially when gathering to worship. Men and women both wear long tops over loose trousers. Men's clothing tends towards solid colors. Women frequently wear prints, or vivid colors embellished with embroidery. Very devout Sikhs often wear shades of blue, white, or yellow.

What is traditional Jewish dress?

There is no specific traditional dress amongst Jews. Some individual groups have their own dress modes but they are associated with very specific groups.

What is the traditional dress wear for Majorca?

"Dress of the countryman." is the traditional national dress forMallorcans. The male dress consists of loose-fitting trousers tiedwith rope at the waist and knees, breeches, a wide belt to protectthe back, single-piece shirt, a waistcoat or jacket, warm cape orcloak, "espardenyes" or "albarca" single-piece footwear. They worehats of all kinds and neckerchiefs worn either round the neck orshoulders. The skilled workers or citizens wore a type of hose. Female dress comprised of a type ofdoublet, thick skirts for the winter, thinner ones for the summer,dress or outer skirts, stockings of varying lengths, petticoats,bodices and crinolines. For the hair, they wore caps made from afine material that sometimes reached the neckline. In terms of jewellery, at that time an indispensable part of aperson's attire, the items that were the most popular until presentday are those from the 18th century: cording, silver button detail,lockets, crosses and rosary beads. To find out more, click on the link below.

What is the traditional dress in Asia?

Asia is a large continent with a multitude of different cultures. Traditional dress varies from kimonos in Japan to long colorful dresses of Thailand.

What is assamese traditional dress?

The traditional dress of assam is Mekhela And Chadar. The makhela is a long skirt worn on the upper appeal known as 'Riha". The riha is artistically design with beautiful red color designs which gives a beautiful appeal to a complete appeal. During bihu, the grand festival of assam the women wear there traditional outfits made of Muga Silk or The Golden Silk.

What is the traditional dress of kerala?

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What is Bulgaria's traditional dress?

That really depends on how far back you want to go historically. In the late 600's modern day Bulgaria began as the First Bulgarian Empire, in which people are known to have worn caftans (long coats that you can wear on horseback), wool and linen clothing, leather boots, and decorated belts. Later on historically the region was controlled by the Ottoman Empire, so the clothing likely reflected Ottoman tastes. If you're looking for a simple answer then I'd go with a caftan, long wool pants (tied at the bottom), a linen shirt, leather boots with flat soles, and a decorated belt.

What is the traditional dressing of Andorra?

Andorrans wear modern Western-style clothing. Traditional costumes are still worn for folk dancing and on special occasions. The traditional costume for women features a full, flowered skirt over a white petticoat, fingerless net gloves, and black espadrilles with white stockings. The traditional costume for men is a white shirt, dark knee-length pants, white stockings, and black shoes.

What is the traditional dress code of Zimbabwe?

There isnt any,well from being under colonial rule for so long i guess you loose some values,with that watever the traditional clothing was (animal skin) was eradicated and since then we just dress normal shirt,shoes,jeans etc just like you!

Where is lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep is a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea, 120-270 miles off the south western coast of India.

What is traditional dress?

A traditional dress varies depending on region and even periods inhistory. For example, the traditional dress in Japan is the kimono.

What is the tradition dress?

Traditional dress is the dress of a particular culture. In Korea,for example, traditional dress is called hanbok.