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The Twelve Visions Party is the answer to America's problems. Simply open a news paper or turn on the evening news to witness our beloved country sinking in self destruction. From corporate fraud, to growing government control over banks, business and morals, to escalating disease and debt, to political corruption…America has reached a resulting catastrophic crisis due to increasingly destructive handling. And it's easy to see that this mighty nation is being systematically dismantled--Not by terrorists, Communists or the boogie man as some would have us believe, but by our own elected officials!

The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is a new grassroots political party consisting of honest, salt of the earth people: concerned citizens- business men and women who have real jobs and no political aspirations or thirst for power. No, the TVP is made up of real people who want real change, rather than an empty promise of change. It's made up of people who earn an honest living, as opposed to spending other people's money for a living. It's made up of people who've simply had enough of the ongoing political rhetoric, abuse of power and increasing disregard for the constitution.
The TVP is conceived out of love for humanity and the rising demand for everyone to live in a rational and free society governed by objective law rather than by a tiny ruling class of politicians and bureaucrats who answer only to lobbyists and special interests. Indeed, the TVP is here to end the typical government employee "free-for-all" mentality of no-accountability and self indulging spending sprees.
We, the people are getting hit harder than ever with the horrible effects of abusive government. Mismanaging funds and overspending is increasing debt and selling out our children's futures. As more and more people become aware of how we've been taken advantage of and sold out for re-election gimmicks, more and more demand rises for honest and productive people to step in and take charge of the political arena in order to mold the government into only providing one proper purpose: protecting citizens. The TVP will reduce government to protection only by cutting the entitlement programs and the billions of vote-gathering dollars spent each year on politicizing our lives and ruling over us.
The TVP understands common sense law. The premise that good, honest people harbor at least a small amount of fear of their own government is fundamentally wrong. The government should simply be a servant of the people and not their ruler. The government should have only one purpose and that is to protect citizens from initiatory force.
Existing government uses force on citizens every day…Pay your taxes or go to prison. Follow the rules that a tiny group of law makers feel are moral…or go to prison. Even if you're minding your own business and not hurting a soul, you can be forced to go to prison because of some arbitrary law designed not to protect people, but to fill the day of some busy bureaucrat inside some bloated government agency.
The government's proper function is to protect individual rights and ensure freedom, not dictate morals or ideology. The government should act through permission and not through force. The government should only use force in retaliation to force. The TVP understands this and therefore introduces "The Prime Law". This Prime Law protects the individual from force, fraud or coercion from other people, groups and the government itself.
The TVP's Prime Law binds government to the understanding that citizens have rights and their government does not. This common sense understanding that individual citizens are more important than government is becoming increasingly accepted as people turn on the evening news only to see our politicians play God with our money and morals more and more every day.
The original constitution with its checks and balance system was brilliant: it was designed to protect the individual from three main threats: the criminal, the government and the mob. The American system was not originally a democracy, but a republic. Although democratically electing officials is an attribute of a republic, democratically electing laws and regulations is not. Our politicians have been steadily adding their own "two cents" to the constitution and pecking away at our rights.
The TVP's one over-arching Prime Law of no initiatory force restricts all government laws and regulation to objective protection. This was the missing piece to the puzzle of the greatest achievement in political history: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.
The Twelve Visions Party understands this and is here to set the record straight by correcting that minor imperfection and permanently establishing the ideal republic that our forefathers risked their lives for. The Prime Law of the Twelve Visions Party will be introduced as an amendment to the constitution. It will ensure that government reduces and sticks to its one and only proper purpose: protection. The Prime Law guarantees that government will never be able to grow another bloated ruling class.
We, the people, ARE the Twelve Visions Party. We insist on having our individual rights restored and complete freedom for everyone. With this new found freedom, society will finally be able to experience an unprecedented technological revolution led by depoliticized business, science and art. Join TVP today and help create the perfect republic our forefathers originally intended to create.
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