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What is a capa bar?

Capabar is the historical Royal Navy name for the widespread but  illegal practice of selling off a ships stores eg. cables, chains  and anchors.

What is CAPA Certified?

  CAPA stands for Certified Automotive Parts Association. The following is an excerpt from their website:   "The Certified Automotive Parts Association is a non-profit

What is an FDA CAPA?

The Short Version...   Simply put, Corrective Action is based on a nonconformance event that has happened in the past. Preventive Action is based on preventing a nonconfo

Que se entiende por deterioro de la capa de ozono?

El sol tiene tanta radiacion que es muy mala para nosotros los umanos. la capa de ozono nos proeje de tanta radiacion del sol, a los umanos nos gusta cemar aseite y tirar chim

Please define Active Capa.?

Presumably you saw this next to a house listing. From a Google search I learned that CAPA stands for "Can Accept Purchase Agreement." This means the seller has agreed to sel

Circunstancias historicas de el quijote de la mancha?

sabemos que era un caballero que se volvió loco por leer tantas novelas de caballería. Si además te pregunta el tras fondo del asunto, trata de mostrarnos lo diferente que