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What is the value of Magnum hairdryer by Jerdon?

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This is a very rare item, very powerful, keeps hair in great condition. To have one of these you must consider yourself lucky, there were only about 150 of this item manufactured, the value would range between 150-300 depending in the condition.
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What is the value of the Winchester Ranger 44 magnum rifle?

The value of a Winchester Ranger 44 magnum rifle is between $400  and $600 depending on its overall condition. These rifles are  commonly used for hunting medium to large an

What is the value of a silaflex magnum fishing rod?

The value of a Sila-flex PT70 is basically whatever you can get for  it. I have been watching this particular rod myself, and while the  blank is, in my opinion, very desira

What is the value of a AMT rimfire magnum serial number H50838?

  There were three models of the AMT (Arcadia Machine and Tool Co) Automag II .22 magnum pistol. You do not specify which of three barrel lengths you have or the condition

What is the value of a 44 magnum Marlin Model 336 rifle?

  Answer   According to the latest GunList 550 in Excellent condition, 350 in Very good, 250 in Good, 150 in Fair and 100 in poor. If your have one and are interest

Value of smith and Wesson 500 magnum?

  Having just acquired one in 4 inch, the MSRP of a 500 is between 1200 and 1300 dollars, the street price varies somewhere around 850 up to about 1100. Most are hovering

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    Answer       I'm not sure when you posted this question, but I purchased a Winchester 264 win mag a few months ago at a gun auction. I bought it for

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What is value of Browning 7mm Magnum semi-automatic?

It's not possible to answer the question as asked. There are too many types, models and variations of these guns to consider. These guns can sell for as little as a few hundre