What is the value of a Winchester model 37 16 gauge shotgun?

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$150-$260, depending on condition
It can range from $300 to $750 depending on the condition of the gun.
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What is the value of a Winchester model 37?

Answer . \nI just bought one at auction for $130.00 This one is a 16 ga., excellent condition,but IS NOT a red letter model. THey do not have serial numbers, so you can't put a date on any except the red letter models, which were the first ones made, in 1937. They were made until the 60's, th (MORE)

What is the value of a model 37 Winchester steel built shotgun?

Answer . \nAs a gunsmith, I have had several in my shop for repair and/or reconditioning.\nThey are a good solid field grade gun, nothing special. However, it seems that there seems to be some collector interest devoloping.\n. \nI have seen them sell for $50 to as much as $150, with the 28 ga br (MORE)

Who made the Wards Western Field Model 37-A 16 gauge pump shotgun?

Answer . \nI dont show that model number in my cross-reference lists. Wards had a deep relationship with Mossberg, but I believe your gun predates WW2. If so, it is probably a Stevens 520. Can you send digital photos so we can positively ID the firearm?\n. \nsales@countrygunsmith.net

What is the age and value of a 16 gauge Winchester Model 12 shotgun serial 533537?

Answer - Winchester Model 12 in 16 Gauge . According to the (2002) Standard Catalog of Firearms (12th Edition) (See Page 1300), the Serial # 533537 falls into the production year of 1927.. The 16 Gauge is not valued as highly as other gauges, amounting to a deduction of 20% off of the other gaug (MORE)

What is a model 37 a Winchester 12 gauge shotgun worth?

Comment I own a model 37 Winchester 20 gauge. I would also like to know what it is worth. I have read on the Winchester site that some were red lettered and these are more sought after. The price ranges from 300-700+ I would not sell you're 37 red letter, they are very rare. I have one and it was p (MORE)

What is the value of a winchester model 37 shotgun?

That depends on the gauge of your Winchester model 37 single shot shotgun.a 12gauge with a original finish remaining of 60%-80% will bring between 90-200 dollars.The same for a 16 gauge,and 20 gauge shotgun.If you have a 28 gauge,then between 450-725 dollars,and if you have a 410 gauge shotgun then (MORE)

What is the value of a Winchester 16 gauge model 12?

i personally own quite a few guns, and the gun you are talking about is not worth that much. If i were to buy that gun at a 'sale" I would not purchase it for more thaN $100.OO. I don't know who wrote thia answer but they know nothing....depending on condition and year of manufacturing anywhere fr (MORE)

Value of Winchester model 1912 twenty gauge shotgun?

The collector value can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth.. Bert H.

What is the age and value of a model 101.40 16 gauge shotgun?

The gun says 16 gauge model 101.40 Sears and Roebuck Co. purchased 51 years ago. I have it in my hand! 2 3/4 inch chamber selected forged steel with 28 inch barrel full chokeThe sears model 101.40 was made for sears by stevens.The stevens model 940 is the same firearm.These were made in the early-mi (MORE)

What is the value of a Winchester 16 gauge pump shotgun?

Virtually no way to value an item without a detailed description of all markings, features, accessories, box, papers, etc.. Check on line auctions , Blue Book of Gun Values or gun shows/shops for one closest to what you have.

What is the value of a model 22482 16 gauge browning shotgun?

Without any more information, you question is almost impossilbe to answer with any real degree of accuracy. Value will depend on where you live, how bad you want to sell it, condition, finish, accessories, box, papers, engraving, what choke it is, barrel length, detailed description of all markings, (MORE)

What is a 1938 model 12 16 gauge shotgun valued at?

Your Winchester model 12 pump action shotgun is worth between 300-450 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.If your barrel is a solid rib barrel you can add 20%-40% to the above listed value.If your shotgun has a factory installed cutts compensator then add another 25%.

When was the 16 gauge Winchester model 37 single shotgun made?

The Winchester model 37 single shot shotgun was made by Winchester from 1936-1963.A total of 1,015,554 were made during this time span.This model was reintroduced in 1973 as the model 37-A and was made until 1981.No serial numbers were ever assigned to the model 37,as there was no law in place until (MORE)