What is the value of a derringer 2 shot 22 magnum pistol made by Davis?

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What is the value of a Davis Derringer pistol magnum 2 shot?
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What is the value of a Victor shot pistol?

Answer . The Victor was a model of the Crescent Certified shotgun manufactured from about 1930 to 1932 by Crescent-Davis Arms. The Gun Control Act of 1934 made these illegal to possess (in the US) unless properly registered with the ATF. BIG fine and long vacation at Uncle Sam's expense. If yo (MORE)

What is the value of a Sheridan Products 22 caliber single shot pistol in excellent shape?

The pistol that you have described was a "promotional product" manufactured by Sheridan Products, Inc., which was located in Racine, Wisconsin at the time. Sheridan manufactured these pistols between 1953 and 1960. This was the only pistol produced by Sheridan and the pistol is referred to as a "Kno (MORE)

What is the value of an American Arms 22 caliber blue 2 shot derringer?

Answer Value of .22 cal derringer . There is a Blue Book of Handguns that should give you a start. But the "value" depends a great deal on the condition the piece is in. What is the serial number? Is it in the original box? There is an American Derringer website and you can probably floa (MORE)

What is the Value of a Glock 22 pistol?

A new Glock 22 typically runs about $500. A used Glock 22 in excellent shape can range from $350 to $600. Everything really depends on the generation it is, condition (which should be perfectly fine, i mean it is a glock), if it has any extras, and if it is police issue or not. I would say a police (MORE)

What is the value of a 1865 E. Allen Co single shot 22 Deringer pistol?

Can range from 5-500 USD- depending on EXACT model and condition. As an antique firearm, it is difficult to establish values sight unseen, minimal description. A good source of info would be to visit a local gun show, where collectors and dealers are gathered in one convenient spot.

What is the value and age of Hartford arms Equipment Co single shot 22 pistol?

Hartford Single Shots had a total production of approx. 2100 pistols. There can be broken into three catagories: S-prefixed pistols, Hartford produced pistols, High Standard produced pistols. Price guides put approx $600.00 - $650.00 for an excellent example 93%-98%. I own approx. 20 of these pistol (MORE)

What is the longest pistol shot made?

Elmer Keith claims to have shot a deer at 600 yards. Many people don't believe the story. Bob Munden once hit a ballon at 600 yards. Even though that was recorded for television, many people still don't believe it. I've seen Bob Munden shoot. I believe it's possible.

Can you shoot 22 lr out of a 22 magnum derringer pistol?

1. Not advised. 2. The .22 LR round will burst and unravel in a .22 magnum chamber nearly every time. It will fire a bullet downrange though and accuracy will be poor. The gasses will exit the burst cartridge, usually harmlessly, though, and it it not advised as above. However there are sleeves th (MORE)

What is the value of a western auto Revelation Model 99 Pistol made by Western Auto Supply 9 shot 22 cal?

Western Auto Supply did not make guns, they bought enough of them from a company that did make guns to have their name put on them. 35-75 USD Any idea what value it is-who was the maker? One recently sold at online auction for $101, in good, usable condition. They were made by High Standard, as (MORE)

What year was a 22 air pistol jc Higgins 1262920 made and its value?

I only have some information for you. Any JC Higgins air pistol that begins with model 126 was made by Crosman air gun. Any model that starts with 799 was made by Daisy air gun. I suggest you click the Crosman link below and check the owners manuals to try to locate your pistol. Then re-post the Cro (MORE)

Can you shoot a 22 caliber ammo in a 22 magnum pistol?

1. You can but you risk damaging the .22 magnum barrel. The magnum barrel is specially designed to take the full force of a magnum bullet, not a regular bullet. But if you try to shoot a magnum shell in the regular cylinder, you risk a blow up. 2. You can shoot .22 Long Rifle ammunition in (MORE)

What is the derringer 2 shot 22 cai made by Davis worth?

Without more of a description, you are looking at 5-50 USD. Davis made many of these derringers. Never expensive to begin with. You might be in the 100 USD range if it was NIB and differed from the run of the mill ones by finish, etc..

Derringer 22 CAL 2 shot made by DAVIS model D-22 CAL-22 LR WORTH?

it has very little value. They were very cheap when new back in the 80's and they are of rather low quality. Having said that, it's better than nothing and it's better than some of hte cheap handguns being made today. Value to me $20 Value to some one who just wants a small gun to have around $50 t (MORE)

How reliable is a Davis 2 shot derringer?

The action is very simple, so there really isn't much to go wrong there. The build quality and quality of materials used is a bit crap, though, so breakage is a potential issue to be worried about.

When was a Clerke 1st 22 long pistol SN 162447 made and its value?

There is no production data for these. To be blunt, this revolver usually comes up in the discussion of the worst guns ever built. Most of the gun is not steel, but a zinc alloy known as "pot metal". They were made in the 1960's and 70's. Originally sold by mail for $14.95, that stopped with the 196 (MORE)

What is the value of a thalco 22 pistol made in Germany?

Thalco was a rebranding of revolvers made by RG. Not to be mean spirited, but the quality of these RG-10 revolvers was about as low as you could find. Current values are in the $25 range if it works. The frames are of zinc alloy, better known as pot metal. They were barred from import into the US af (MORE)