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'Do no harm'
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What are vegans?

Vegans are people who choose not to consume or use any animal products. This applies to not consuming the actual meat of an animal (mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, et

What is a credo?

A "credo" (or creed) is a philosophy, the general principles by which an individual (or group) lives and acts. The term "credo" is often applied to a religious belief, and mo

A prefix that has credo in it?

credential(s), (dis)credibility, (in)credible, creed, credence, (in)credulity, (in)credulous, (dis)credit(able), (in)credulous(ly), accredit(ation), etc. Credo means "what i

Credo in a sentence?

A credo is a statement of religious belief. An example sentence  would be: Her credo is what she feels keeps her positive.

What is a credo poem?

  A Credo Poem is a persons own perception of how he/she in words wants to reflect to give pleasure to him/herself in words.

What is veganism?

Vegans do not consume or purchase any animal products. Vegans are people who chose to live a completely cruelty free lifestyle. It's better for their health, the planet and

What was the Cathar's credo?

The credo of the catharism is in ambiguous view of human being. The  human soul, as the cathars teach, was born in Heaven of the Last  drop of pure love of the Father and Go

The credo poem by christian buckner?

"The Credo", a poem by E. Christian Buckner talks about how  important speech is to the continuation of the human race. In turn,  communication is essential in all relations

Why not to be a vegan?

You probably don't want to be vegan if you're afraid of being a non-conformist (that is, if you don't want to be different than the average.) You wouldn't want to be vegan if

What do vegans do?

Vegans participate in a wide variety of activities. They avoidanything that causes harm to animals.