What is the vegetation in eritrea?

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Almost all natural vegetation in Eritrea are semi-arid with either annual plants or deciduous perennials which produce during a short rainy season of just a few months. According to 1995 government report about 8.9 % of land in Eritrea is cultivated for agriculture.

Climate in Eritrea is controlled mainly by altitude. The Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture recognizes six agro-ecological zones as; (1) Sub-humid escarpment , (2) moist highlands; (3) arid highlands, (4) arid lowlands, (5) semi-desert zones and (6) deserts.

Some dominant species you find in the open forests and/ or shrub lands include (in no particular order): Dodonea angustifolia, Otostegia integrofolia, Psidadia punctulata, Rhus natalysis, Rhamnus studdo, Olea africana, Acacia etbaica, Acacia assak, Acacia tortillis, Acacia senegal, Eucalyptus rudis, etc.
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What is eritrea?

Country in Africa. Capital: Asmara. Location: Eastern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Djibouti and Sudan . Population:5,502,026

Where is Eritrea?

Eritrea is situated along the Red Sea. North east Africa (horn of Africa) Country in Africa Capital: Asmara Location: Eastern Africa Population:7,502,026 as of 2014

How did eritrea get its name?

the name cames from the Greeks they were calling to the red sea eritros the word was taken from that eritros and the itlian colonization from that word they call ERITREA. fro