What is the word for the fear of being touched by a bug chicken bug?

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you have to go to hospital amidiantly?
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What are bugs?

Bugs are little amazing creatures. They have different point of views and none of them are alike they are really cool because they don't hurt you.. they are creapy little gross things that crawl around and bite you. they are also supposed to like, help the enviorment or something.. Bugs can also b (MORE)

What specific kinds of bugs do chickens eat?

They like beetles and worms. They enjoy the squishier ones most because they're easier to digest and chew. They'll eat grasshoppers and crickets. They almost eat any kind of 'bug'.

Do chickens love June bugs for a snack?

Junebugs, earwigs,spiders and just about anything that crawls or flies is fair game for an always hungry chicken. Chickens are opportunistic omnivores and will even eat baby mice and other birds eggs when given a chance.

Where does the word computer bug come from?

The Bug In 1947, Grace Murray Hopper was working on the Harvard University Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator (a primitive computer). On the 9th of September, 1947, when the machine was experiencing problems, an investigation showed that there was a moth trapped between the points of Relay #70, in Pane (MORE)

What is Clarissa's job in 'Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear'?

Clarissa was one of the main individualist ants in the story, so she had learnt a lot from the wasps. The Queen mentions in the last chapter about Clarissa's services. Clarissa then explains to Bug: In the spider's web, she told Bug everything she knew... apart from the fact that she had told the (MORE)

What are the side effects of being bit by a bed bug?

Bed bug bites do not commonly cause serious reactions in humans. But, they are annoying enough to cause stresses in our lives as well.. Some people that have experienced bed bugs in their home have problems with sleeping in their beds. They may feel anxiety and worry about the bed bugs, even knowin (MORE)

Are lightning bugs bugs?

Technically, no. Bugs are specific types of insects. E.g.,butterflies are insects, but not bugs. Lightning 'bugs' arebeetles. WHOA,first guy who answered,if your trying to say lightning bugsare not insects,you are WRONG.beetles are insects.(shame me if itsnot what you ment) Actually I'm pretty sure (MORE)

Do chickens eat squash bugs?

My chickens roam the garden. They eat all the bugs but the squash bugs. So my answer would be no. I had a Master Gardener tell me to put a plastic bag over the infested leaf, cut it off and burn it. Also he said to make sure and plant my squash plants in different areas of the garden every year. He (MORE)

What bugs are the walking bugs preditors?

Their predators include mostly spiders but if they live in an area that is well populated by assassin bugs, those too can take down a walking insect. Though some consider prey mantises as walking insects also, they are natural predators also. But mostly birds.

Is there a bug called a fire bug?

Yes there is, it is a diamond like shaped insect which is orange and with black patterns across it's back. Fire bugs generally mate in April and May. Their diet consists primarily of seeds from lime trees and mallows. They can be seen in tandem formation when mating which can take from 12 hours u (MORE)

Is a lady bug a bug?

It is both a bug and a beetle. Bettles are bugs. Only in a slang sense is a lady bug a bug. (Lady beetle is the most accurate name). In an entomological sense, bugs and beetles are both insects, but bugs are not beetles and beetles are not bugs.

Tush tush fear boys with bugs?

This is from William Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew". The male lead (Petruchio) is saying that "the Shrew" (Katharina) is not very daunting or fearsome at all. In his speech, he seeks to impress them, but also seems to be trying to convince himself of the same thing. This is his final word in th (MORE)

What are the little black bugs on chickens?

Most likely fleas. Hens get fleas and should be given an area with sand and gravel to take a "bath" in. There are plenty of flea powders available to add to the sand /bath area which will help kill off the fleas and not harm the chickens. Additionally, the chicken coop and roosting areas should be t (MORE)

How can you get over your fear of bugs?

\n. \nThe most common way to get over a fear of bugs is to desensitize yourself to it. Expose yourself in small doses to bugs. Say be in the same room as an insect, then when you're comfortable with that move a little closer, add another bug...etc It wont be a quick fix cure- it may take a while bu (MORE)

How can you prevent bugs from being attracted to light?

You cannot prevent bugs from being attracted to light because it istheir nature to be drawn to light. You can use yellow light bulbsthat do not attract them as much as other forms of light. Theattraction to light is called phototaxis.

What kind of bug is a Sakata bug?

The Cicada bug is common in summer,especially in August but can be found in July and in September as well. There are about 250, 000 different species of this bug throughout the world. They are sometimes called "locusts". It prefers warm climates. It is able to makes really loud noise which is eas (MORE)

What is the term for fear of bugs?

It really depends on what kind of bug your scared of you could be an aracnophobic which means you have a fear of spiders or aracnids like scorpians but I don't know any others

What are the words to the opening for Bugs Bunny?

"This is it" from the Bugs Bunny Show : Overture, curtains, lights, This is it, the night of nights No more rehearsing and nursing a part We know every part by heart Overture, curtains, lights This is it, you'll hit the heights And oh what heights we'll hit On with the show this is it Tonight what (MORE)

What is a bug?

An insect is often referred to as a bug. Also, to annoy someone, as in, "My son was bugging me to take him to the mall." It can also be a software bug which can be defined as a coding error that causes an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection in a computer program. In other words, if a p (MORE)

Why do you get bugs?

If our asking how you get bugs in your house, they just come in the tiny opening of your house that you dont know are there. If you meen on you, Its most likely from and aimal, or a dissese, or you get one from outsie or sumthing.

What kind of bugs are pill bugs?

They are small multi-legged with a hard shell - when frightened they curl up in a ball, making them look like a little black pill, sometimes called "roly-polies".

Does chicken eat bugs?

yea...only on poptropica tho,not in the real life (my name is Amber and i have light blue eyes,light bonde hair,a good tan,no warts,no caviteys,and 12 years old).

What is the fear of being touched by men?

The phobia (fear) of being touched by men is 'androphobia.' Fear on men can be caused from a trauma stemming anywhere from an individual's childhood to a few years back. It causes a great deal of stress for the sufferer and they should seek psychological counseling to get to the root of the problem. (MORE)

Do bugs have smaller bugs on their body?

no not all bugs, but caterpillers mostly get attacked my parasites eggs and later the parasites make holes all over the caterpiller so it can come out when ready (i wrote this sentence like a 4th grader lmao, just rlly sleepy but cant sleep) .-.

Which bugs eat bed bugs?

the all mighty penis bug eats the little bed bug it rubs blue waffleness all over it then eats the bug when it dies. You can buy he penis bug in your local pet store in the exotic section. Most penis bugs are from northern canada. They come from there cuz canada sucks. So good luck!

What is the fear of spiders and bugs?

Fear of Spiders is considered "Arachnophobia". This is very common among people due to not knowing what spiders are capable of. While most spiders may be poisonous, others may be friendly such as tarantulas.

What the name of the chicken on Bugs Bunny's?

Perhaps you are thinking of Foghorn Leghorn, a fat and overbearing rooster who is generally having a feud with the local dog. His voice was an impersonation of a radio personality called Col. Cleghorn.

Bug in bed bed bug or not?

Bed bugs are a specific type of bug their classification is as follows Classification: Kingdom - Animalia Phylum - Arthropoda Class - Insecta Order - Hemiptera Family - Cimicidae Genus - Cimex Species - lectularius They are approximately the size and shape of an apple see (MORE)

Can you feed your chickens bugs?

The short answer is yes, chickens will eat bugs. However, bugs are not part of an industry type chicken's diet. Only yard birds or "free range" chicks have the opportunity to sample insects. If you have yard birds or a pet flock, I would feed them standard poultry feed and leave it to them to find i (MORE)

What makes a bug a bug?

There is no real definition for a 'bug', which is the name commonly given to insects, arachnids, molluscs and so on. It is just the common name people give to creepy crawlies. But here are some definitions of some different type of 'bug' : Insect : Any of numerous usually small arthropod anima (MORE)

How can diferentiated bed bug and bug?

Bed Bugs are approximately 4-5mm long (about the size of an apple seed) round and reddish brown in color. Rarely will you see them though as they are nocturnal and like to hide in cracks and crevices. You will more likely find feces spots on your mattress and see bites on your body long before you (MORE)

What bugs are similar to pill bugs?

Everything in the Woodlouse family. Though these are not really "bugs" but crustaceans. Pill millipedes and american millipedes. Although, pill bugs areclosely related to crustaceans.

Is there a bug named bug?

There could be because maybe a child found a bug but they don't know what to name it and they want it , maybe they could call it bug but you never know.

Are stink bugs good bugs?

No, stink bugs are not considered good bugs. The Pentatomidaefamily members in question irritate cultivators, farmers,gardeners, growers, and orchardists by appearing in large numbers,feeding upon plant sap, leaving plant parts unhealthy andunsightly, and releasing foul odors.