What is the word for the fear of being touched by a bug chicken bug?

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you have to go to hospital amidiantly?
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How can you get over your fear of bugs?

\n. \nThe most common way to get over a fear of bugs is to desensitize yourself to it. Expose yourself in small doses to bugs. Say be in the same room as an insect, then when

What is the term for fear of bugs?

It really depends on what kind of bug your scared of you could be an aracnophobic which means you have a fear of spiders or aracnids like scorpians but I don't know any others

Does chicken eat bugs?

yea...only on poptropica tho,not in the real life (my name is Amber and i have light blue eyes,light bonde hair,a good tan,no warts,no caviteys,and 12 years old).

What is the fear of spiders and bugs?

Fear of Spiders is considered "Arachnophobia". This is very common among people due to not knowing what spiders are capable of. While most spiders may be poisonous, others may

Can you feed your chickens bugs?

The short answer is yes, chickens will eat bugs. However, bugs are not part of an industry type chicken's diet. Only yard birds or "free range" chicks have the opportunity to