What is the worst restaurant in America?

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IHOP is. Most of the dishes have over a thousand calories, and some have over two thousand.
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Worst polluted city in America?

Pittsburgh, PA. feel sorry for those peeps. glad im not in one of the top ten. hope u check this soon. when ws thi

What are the worst seafood restaurants in Destin Florida?

Captain Daves on the Gulf is the worst seafood restaurant in destin Florida - by far. I have had better seafood at Captain D's - no kidding. The fish had obviously sat under a

Where is the worst place to teach in America?

I would say one of the worst places to teach would be Redwood City, CA. This is a small K-8 district. The administrators are part of an old boys network. Teachers are treated

Worst ghetto in America?

1. Camden, NJ 2. Paterson,NJ 3.East St. Louis 4. Crown Heights,Red Hook, Bed-Stuy,NY 5.Miami, FL 6.Compton, CA 7.New Orleans,LA 8.South Bronx,NY 9.Atlanta,GA 10. Newark,NJ

What forms of tolerance is America worst at?

The question is really far too vague, and ill-defined. You should be much more specific as to who you want to compare the US to, at least what general areas are to be compared

What is the worst crime anybody did in America?

I guess it would be a tossup between Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers in New York City. On a smaller scale, the killing of innocent people by sexual sadists such as Lawrence B