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Actually, the amount of snow kind of depends on WHERE in the state you are talking about. The southern parts of the state do not get as much or regular snow cover that the northern regions do. There is lots of hockey, downtown St. Paul is filled with different events and restaurants, and the north is filled with state parks and scenery.
The second largest tourist destination in Minnesota is actually a casino. We have several large casinos in the state, and the one most visited is closed to the largest metro area of Minneapolis/St Paul.
The state contains a wide variety of destinations and attractions. In the center of the state a confluence of prairie, hardwood, and bluffland merge to become a mecca for birdwatchers, especially during migration.
Northern MN boast many stunning views along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Duluth is the hub of many conventions during the year and a wonderful vacation spot.
Southern MN is host to the world class medical facility, Mayo Clinic, in Rochester - about 80 miles south of Minneapolis/St.Paul. Visitors can get there from GO Rochester Direct shuttle from the MSP airport.

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul both boast many worthy destinations. Choose from a number of museums, parks, shopping, lakes and water activities. There is an extensive trail system which makes walking, biking, and skating in these cities a real pleasure.
The best way to find what might interest you is to use the Explore Minnesota website which has a great searchable database of information about destinations and activities in the state.
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Where is Minnesota?

usa, in the midwest In the United States of America. It is located along the northern border in the center of the country. It borders Canada, and the states of North Dakota, S

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It's in the northern suburbs. Blaine is in anoka county...near Coon Rapids, Fridley, Mounds View, New Brighton, Spring Lake Park and Anoka. how do i know this? It's about 15 t

Why is Minnesota named 'Minnesota'?

The name comes from the Dakota Indian (Sioux) word for "whitish" or "clouded water," and refers to the Minnesota River in the southwestern part of the state.

How is Minnesota?

Minnesota is a cold place (in the winters) it can get to about -25 to 25 degrees in the winter but in the summer it is a nice place to go 70 to 90 degrees great weather to be

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If the will has been filed in probate then you can contact the court to obtain a copy. If your brother refuses to file the will for probate then some other family member shoul

Are there bays in Minnesota?

Minnesota isn't by a ocean and bays are next to a Ocean like Pennsylvania has a bay and Callifornia has one to and New York Maine and so on but Minnesota is more in the middle

Where is Minnesota on a map?

East of South Dakota and North Dakota. North of Iowa. South of Manitoba (Canada). It also is west of Lake Superior and Wisconsin.

Where in Minnesota is warroad?

It is about 366 miles north of Minneapolis, less than ten miles from the Canadian border at the southwest corner of Lake of the Woods.

Does Minnesota have biomes?

Yes, Minnesota has several different biomes (e.g. the coniferous forest, deciduous forest, and prairie biome)

Was the Olympics in Minnesota?

No... the Olympics have been held in the US 8 times, 4 winter and 4 summer. Winter: 1932-Lake Placid, NY 1960-Squaw Valley, CA 1980-Lake Placid, NY 2002-Salt Lake City, UT
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How did you get to Minnesota?

You can get to Minnesota in many different ways. You can fly, drive, arrive by boat, arrive by train and these are four options. If you drive by land from the north you arrive
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Who is Minnesota?

Minnesota is a northern state in the USA. The USA is in North America.